“Hi, I’m Tom Bradford, your six-second salesperson!”

I was stunned and quite frankly speechless (a rare condition).

“Your six-second salesperson.” What a great opening line!

I initially thought this meant he was going to sell me a motorcycle in six seconds.

“What does that mean?” I asked.

Tom quickly responded. “I am the fourth guy in the world to break the seven-second barrier on a NHRA pro-stock motorcycle, running a 6.98 at 192 mph,” he said.

Whoa! There’s an opening you’ll remember.

Far too many salespeople make some sort of half-hearted attempt to “work the phones,” but their primary source for business is walk-in customers.

There’s a better way way, and Tom Bradford found it.

As a sales professional, you need to see yourself as your own business operating within an existing business framework. To do so, you must have a “brand.”

Build Your Salesperson Brand

Here are three ways to start developing your brand:

1. Give yourself a cool title; “sales professional” doesn’t cut it. I heard about a Florida motorcycle dealership in which the crew all wear baseball caps — except a guy named Jack. He wears a beret. He told his customers to call or stop by and ask for “Jack in the Hat.”

2. Give yourself a compelling e-signature. I knew a guy of Nordic descent who included in his emails a photo of himself wearing a Viking helmet. I’d stop by to see him in person.

3. Do not put your cell number on your business cards. Make customers call the store or come in to see you. Part of your brand should be that you’re in demand — which means you don’t want to make it too easy to contact you.

There’s more to it, of course. But you need to start somewhere. Start thinking today about how to create the new brand YOU!