Do you want to dramatically improve your chances of sales success? Then you better know the answers to these “Five Whys”: Why this? Why you? Why here? Why more? Why now?   

1. Why this?

Why are you suggesting that the customer buy this particular product or service? You need to be able to describe how it fits the customer’s needs. 

2. Why you?

Why should they buy from you? Why would the customer specifically find you credible in this instance? Identify if you’ve sold it before to satisfied customers, or if you have special expertise regarding this item, or if you own it personally. 

3. Why here?

Why would it be advantageous for the customer to buy it from your particular business? Do you do something above and beyond just making the product or service available? If not, you should. 

4. Why more?

As you probably know, I believe in charging premium prices and providing premium experiences. A good deal is when the customer feels well taken care of and you feel well compensated. So you have to prepare for customers who will ask: “Why should I buy it from you for more money?”

5. Why now?

Sometimes customers need a nudge. You want to prompt action, and you need to be able to give customers reasons to take action now — not later. 

Try It

Pick a product and go through the Five Whys. Then pick another and do the same thing. You’ll find patterns that develop and responses that you can generalize and use on many items.

The more you do this, the easier it will get.

And the more you will sell.

Photo by Zan on Unsplash.