I want to say thank you for the continued opportunity to learn from you on a daily basis. I was able to personally sell more motorcycles than 62% of all the dealerships in my district for the month of August. I can honestly say much of that can be attributed to your philosophies of “accsellerating” the sale. Thanks again.
Zack Bower
Mark Rodgers is simply the BEST.
Bob Althoff, Dealer Principal, A.D. Farrow Company
You are amazing. Enough said.
Larry Tittle, Sales Manager, AD Farrow Company
Mark Rodgers is truly a wordsmith; a master of language.
Andy Curfman, Sales Manager, Toledo Harley-Davidson
The 5th workshop with Mark … and I keep learning more.
Josh Bentley, Sales Manager, Man O War Harley-Davidson
Absolutely, hands down, the best I’ve ever met.
Laura Roach, Business Manager, Mike’s Famous Harley-Davidson
I came back on fire and my boss was amazed… my actions spoke louder than words…
Spider Betancourt, Sales Manager, Orange County Harley-Davidson
I have always admired your work and talent, and appreciate how much you have contributed to the success of HDFS.
Donna Zarcone, Former President, Harley-Davidson Financial Services
Thanks for sharing the passion all these years. Your energy and enthusiasm always produced a learning event that is a great benefit for our dealers. You’ve made a huge difference…
Jerry Wilke, Past Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Mark Rodgers brings his secrets to MPN.
Colleen Brousil, Editor, MPN (Motorcycle Product News)
This guy is a master.
Jay Williams, President , Explosive Results Consulting, Motorcycle Maxx, LTD.
I have Mark Rodgers in my head. I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with that!
Grant Wright, Business Manager, Kanes Harley-Davidson
Entertaining, insightful and a pleasure… the knowledge you have of this business is remarkable.
Kyle Heller, Sales Manager, Hot Rod Harley-Davidson
I’m always interested in events that include Mark Rodgers; each time I attend I make more money for the business.
Steve 'Bones' Bowen, Operations Manager, Lake Erie Harley-Davidson
These have been the best 2 training courses I have ever attended in my career, including 18 years in the car business.
Eric Wagner, Sales Manager, Ray Price Harley-Davidson
The most thought out, well presented, interactive and entertaining of any training I have attended.
Peery Gibson, General Manager, New River Valley Harley-Davidson
I don’t know how I didn’t sign up sooner … your newsletters are GREAT!!!
Jill Giglio, Wildfire Harley-Davidson / City Limits Harley-Davidson / Second City Harley-Davidson
Your knowledge of the ‘ever changing’ retail world and your ability to present that knowledge is astonishing. Thank you for all that you do!
Larry Tittle, Sales and Business Manager, A.D. Farrow Co. H-D
Mark this is great information! Shared it with the sales staff this morning. They loved it! Best newsletter yet. You’re the man!
Eric Brunk, Business Manager, Andrae’s Harley-Davidson Inc.
We were at $17K in F&I profit before your session… we put the tools to work right away!! BAM!!! We ended the month with $67K profit. On Fire. Thank You!
Eric Wagner, Sales Manger, Ray Price Harley-Davidson
Good Stuff! I plan on sharing your articles in my weekly Sales meetings.
Tom Sarchet, Henderson Harley-Davidson/Buell
Thank you for the EXCELLENT training, you went above and beyond my expectations.
Huck Love, Sales Manager Triple S Harley-Davidson
2-fers were a huge success the guys loved them and used them all day. Sold 3 bikes all financed with 2 ESP’s, 2 T/W and 3 GAP.
Lance Lay, Sales/Business Manager, Jim’s Harley Davidson
You stated it, I practiced it, and they bought!
Chuck Kreisl, Dealer Principal, Calumet Harley-Davidson
Your tele-seminar was great. I’ve been using many of your techniques for years but I still learned a lot.
Tony Fasano, City Limits Harley Davidson
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the training you have given to Ray Price Harley-Davidson.
Eric Wagner, Sales Manger, Ray Price Harley-Davidson
I started using the 2-fer’s right away … great results. I also started to drop the er (better, faster). After the phone seminar i told my boss never again will he hear me say ‘can i help you find anything’ again.

The call was worth every penny …

Jake Adamson, Legacy Harley-Davidson
Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know the tele-seminar was great!!
Todd LeBlanc, Dealer Principal, Atlantic MotoPlex
I very much enjoyed the webinar this morning! I think this is a very cost effective way to get important, time-sensitive, and effective information into the sales associate’s hands quickly.

We had a lot of fun with it and it stimulated a good sales discussion. I asked my Sales Manager to build our next few weekly sales meetings off of the topics you discussed while it is all very fresh in our minds.

I’m looking forward to next week’s class; again, great job!

Mitch Pheffer, General Manager, Harley-Davidson of Vallejo
I can honestly say I am a better Business Manager and will now be a better Sales Manager because of you.
Lance Lay, Sales/Business Manager, Jim’s Harley Davidson
I’ve been to a lot of automotive F&I seminars, yours are the most real world … and fun!
Greg Cary, Business Manager, Used Motorcycles, Central Texas Harley-Davidson
My sales team loves when I get your newsletters, because for the next few days my favorite quote is ‘because Mark said so!’
Paula Culbert, Business Manager, Iron Valley Harley-Davidson