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How Much Credibility Do You Have?

In recent posts, I wrote about ways in which you can gain and lose credibility. Now it's time to evaluate your current level of credibility. Success in selling is tough to achieve if you don't have credibility as a sales professional. And credibility cannot be achieved if you do not possess the following three attributes:

Five More ‘New’ Rules for Sales Success

If you want to sell more, you must ensure your exchanges with buyers are as effective as possible. For that to happen, I suggest 10 “New Rules for Sales Success” – guides that will enable you to carefully review your sales exchanges and identify successes that others might miss, thereby enabling you to further leverage,

Are You in the Right Gear to Accelerate Your Sales?

Shifting yourself or your sales team to a higher level of performance requires significant forethought, effort and analysis. One way to begin is by breaking the competencies required for sales success into reasonably sized chunks. It's important to understand your current abilities in the following seven areas: Offering Expertise Language skills Process proficiency Knowing yourself

Why Life is Like a Harley-Davidson Transmission

When things slow down, I’m going to get that MBA. I just need to make it past this busy period, and then I’m going to learn that new software program. When we get through the fourth quarter, I’m going to start eating right and get in shape. Someday, I just need to take a long

Four Reasons Why Referrals Won’t Work

Last time, I wrote about why referrals work. But they only work when you actually receive them. Here are four common barriers to referrals and how to overcome them. Referral Barrier #1: The prospect is unsure of your offerings. In order to be referred, you have to have something worth referring. Your product, your service and your

Four Ways to Reinvent the Roles of ‘Sales Professional’ in Your Dealership

Last time, I wrote about all the reasons why motorcycle salespeople are becoming worth less — but not worthless. If dealerships are to remain relevant they must reinvent the salesperson role to make it more significant. Here are four ways to do that: 1. Be an object of interest. Lance Orso, a sales professional at Dallas

Are You Shutting Out Your Salespeople?

The value of motorcycle salespeople is disappearing faster than a Snapchat exchange between teenagers. In the days of yore (officially 1983, for you Millennials), if customers wanted information about a motorcycle, they went to someone who sold that motorcycle. That salesperson possessed all the brochures, all the training and all the information. Not anymore. Thanks

7 Cool Ways to Recognize Your Sales Superstars

If your hiring and staff development practices are good enough (or you’re just plain lucky), sooner or later you will have a sales superstar on your hands. These are the people that produce more, solve problems and can inspire others. But are you doing enough to recognize these superstars? (Don’t call them “superstars” — that