You Can’t Survive Without Stress

Any time you reach for something new, better and different, stress will be involved. The key is to determine what kind of stress is headed your way. Bad Stress The first is distress, the sort most of us already know and experience — probably quite frequently. This is when your body responds physically and negatively

Do You Recognize These Three Types of Sales-Related Stress?

Feeling stressed out right about now? To deal with stress, you first must understand where it comes from. The American Management Association identifies three basic types of stress: 1.) Individually oriented stress 2.) Interpersonally oriented stress 3.) Organizationally oriented stress Let’s break down each of these stress types and explore where and how they originate.

How to Work With Customers When You’re Having a Bad Day

Have you ever had one of those days? Nothing but unreturned voice-mail and e-mail messages, not to mention fruitless cold calls and frantic text messages from your boss about the numbers? Plus, your water heater conked out this morning, and your son has a track meet tonight. After 10 hours on the job, you want nothing