How to Better Believe in Yourself

Do you ever talk to yourself? (Right now, you’re probably thinking: Hmm, talk to myself? Do I do that?) Most people have an ongoing mental conversation with themselves. This is what many psychologists call self-talk. Left unattended, that conversation typically sways negative. When I was younger, I used to be pretty hard on myself: •

How to Give an Honest Self-Assessment

Every so often, it's important to treat yourself to an honest self-assessment. How do you do that? Begin by developing a document for your eyes only. No one else will ever see it, so make a list of your strengths (how well you deal with people, perhaps, or your ability to solve problems) and your weaknesses

Convince Yourself to Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever

Whether attempting to sell more motorcycles, pursuing a new managerial position or convincing your boss to give you a raise, we all talk to ourselves before we take action. Many psychologists have labeled this ongoing mental dialogue as “self‐talk.” These internal comments impact thoughts, emotions, actions, and ultimately careers and life itself. The following quote,