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My Holiday Selling Advice? Keep It Clean

The holiday shopping season shifts into high gear this week with Black Friday, and it's time to share my annual seasonal selling advice: Don’t be one of those brands, companies, stores or individuals that skate the fine line between ethical and manipulative persuasion. Whenever I talk about persuasion — on my other website, at speaking

Learn from Your Sales Successes

In my book, Accelerate the Sale, I detailed research by Tel Aviv University professor Shmuel Ellis, who conducted a revealing study of after-action reviews with two companies of soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces. He demonstrated that soldiers performing successive navigation exercises learned at a significantly higher rate — and improved their future performance — when

How to Make Your Dealership a World-Class Retailer

Picture this scene: An excited customer has been talking to your sales professionals, test riding motorcycles and finally makes the decision. Numbers are discussed, information is shared and a credit application is submitted. The customer is invited to have a seat in the customer lounge, enjoy a cup of questionable coffee and spend a little

Are You Making These Common Management Mistakes?

Being in the motorcycle business, you know that a governor is a device intentionally limiting acceleration. I submit that dealership managers are restricting their own acceleration (although not intentionally). Below are five of the most common ways in which managers are holding themselves back. 1. Sales managers are selling and closing every deal. Because of

The Power of the Chiasmus: Why You’ll Want to Use This Fun Figure of Speech

Hearing “yes” in any type of situation — with colleagues and customers — is largely about appealing to the other person’s enlightened self-interest. One of my favorite ways to effectively do that is through the use of language, specifically a figure of speech called “chiasmus" [kahy-az-muhs]. A chiasmus is a verbal pattern in which the second

Sales Exercise: Are You the Expert You Think You Are?

How much do you know about what you sell? Here's an "offering expertise exercise," and just as with physical exercise, this will only produce results if you actually do it. Take a blank sheet of paper and create three columns across the top of the page: What We Have, Do or Offer             How It Works            

Sales Success: How Well Do You Know Your Market?

Americans are frequently accused of being an insular group. We don’t, some claim, know what’s going on in the world around us as much as we should. There may be a regrettable amount of truth to that. With some people, that insularity carries over to their professional lives. Face it: Many people know what’s going

Sales Success: How Well Do You Know Your Buyers?

After getting to know yourself, the second-most-important person you need to know in order to accelerate your sales is your buyer — the one who has the power to purchase what you're selling. Whether that’s because he’s the one who can authorize funding, approve the purchase order or swipe the credit card, this is the