Referral Reluctance: What Are You Afraid Of?

In a recent post, I wrote about the importance of referral business and promised to share with you ways to consistently produce referral business. Here we go... With so much evidence proving why referrals are important – and enough consensus among sales professionals regarding the positive nature of referrals – why are they still underutilized?

How to Ask for a Referral

I've written and spoken a lot about referrals over the years. While testimonials are static statements for a job well done, a referral is an introduction to another potential client or customer. One person says to another, “You should really talk to Tom. He sold me a great bike, and he might be able to help

How to Get Other People to Sing Your Praises

After receiving a referral, don’t overlook the importance of following up with the referring party. Always keep that person in the loop. That way, he or she can help if the third party isn’t immediately responsive. The referrer also will be motivated to provide you with more contacts and support. After all, the referring party

Want More Referrals? Follow These Tips

The past few posts have focused on obtaining referrals. Here are eight fast and final takeaways regarding your referral efforts. Review these, and then implement them. You’ll be glad you did. 1. Practice the “every time, every buyer” rule. Ask for referrals from 100 percent of your customers, and watch referrals soar. 2. Spend a significant

New Year’s Resolution: Six Steps to More Referrals in 2017

  Obtaining referrals can be a tricky business. But the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to make changes in your approach. Follow these six best practices for referral success in 2017: 1. Set the stage early in the process. Referrals should be part of the natural reciprocal sales exchange. Getting them

Why Your Best Customers Never Give Referrals

You're not the only person who might be apprehensive asking for referrals. Your buyers might not be too excited to give them, either. There are several explanations for why even your best clients might be reluctant. Here are a few: They don’t want their friends to think they’ve joined some sort of cult-like business movement. Seriously.

Four Reasons Why Referrals Won’t Work

Last time, I wrote about why referrals work. But they only work when you actually receive them. Here are four common barriers to referrals and how to overcome them. Referral Barrier #1: The prospect is unsure of your offerings. In order to be referred, you have to have something worth referring. Your product, your service and your

Four Reasons Why Referrals Work

While testimonials are static statements for a job well done, a referral is an introduction to another potential client or customer. The next best thing to someone witnessing your outstanding performance is having a trusted colleague tell someone else about that outstanding performance. Take advantage of that opportunity. Here are four reasons why referrals work:

Are You Adding Nitrous Oxide to Your Sales Engine?

It goes by different names: Juice. Giggle gas. Some people even refer to it as “having a bottle in the trunk.” Whatever you call it, nitrous oxide is a favorite additive for go-fast types everywhere. As you no doubt already know, a vehicle’s internal combustion engine uses gas, oxygen, compression and an ignition spark to