Sales Success: How Well Do You Know Your Buyers?

After getting to know yourself, the second-most-important person you need to know in order to accelerate your sales is your buyer — the one who has the power to purchase what you're selling. Whether that’s because he’s the one who can authorize funding, approve the purchase order or swipe the credit card, this is the

How to Achieve Better Chemistry With Your Buyers

Chemistry. It’s a difficult term to define when referring to personal relationships. Often characterized as people having mutual attraction, rapport or an emotional bond, chemistry is a distinctly human trait — and it can significantly impact interpersonal interactions with your buyers. You can ask about a hobby or a family member when conversing with your buyer.

Do You Speak Your Industry’s Language?

In the Harley-Davidson world, we talk a lot about the Harley-Davidson culture. Whenever I’m working with dealers or anyone involved in the H-D business, I mention the importance of perpetuating that culture, and I always receive prideful acknowledgement and agreement. Then I ask, “What is that culture?” Blank stares. Eventually people start shouting out, “Freedom!”

How Savvy Words Can Increase Your Sales Success

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating — especially in discussions about sales: Logic makes you think, emotion makes you act. Some words are more compelling than others because of their emotional heft. They create powerful mental images to which buyers can readily relate. That’s why some of the best word choices are aspirational (terms that

A Two-Step Process to Measure the Unmeasurable

"You can’t measure morale!" somebody once tried arguing with me. "You can’t measure enthusiasm!" OK, fair enough. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. That's why I have a two-step method to help prove the unprovable: 1. Describe an observable behavior that you believe is an indicator of the desired result. 2. Count the occurrences.

Do You Recognize These Three Types of Sales-Related Stress?

Feeling stressed out right about now? To deal with stress, you first must understand where it comes from. The American Management Association identifies three basic types of stress: 1.) Individually oriented stress 2.) Interpersonally oriented stress 3.) Organizationally oriented stress Let’s break down each of these stress types and explore where and how they originate.

How to Work With Customers When You’re Having a Bad Day

Have you ever had one of those days? Nothing but unreturned voice-mail and e-mail messages, not to mention fruitless cold calls and frantic text messages from your boss about the numbers? Plus, your water heater conked out this morning, and your son has a track meet tonight. After 10 hours on the job, you want nothing

How to Respond to All Those ‘Can We’ Questions

Often buyers will ask if they can do something out of the ordinary, some sort of customization to the sale. In the motorcycle business, one common question customers ask is, “Can we …” Can we make it louder? Can we make it faster? Can we make it lower? Can we make it shinier? Can we