How Do You Know When People Trust You?

Some people say you can’t see trust. I disagree. How can you tell whether you’re making progress in your sales attempts with a particular person — especially in such critical areas as trust and credibility? Try consistently observing a particular person’s actions (or inactions). Here are three pieces of evidence of things unseen: 1. The

How to Make a Compelling Phone Call

Just because you use something often doesn’t mean you use it well, or even correctly. That’s right: I’m talking about the telephone. Skip email. Skip Skype. And skip texting. Instead, actually use the phone! Here’s how to make an effective and persuasive phone call: 1. Remember that it’s imperative to communicate your professionalism and start a

Do You Know the Difference Between ‘Persuasion’ vs. ‘Influence’?

Some of you may know I wrote a book about persuasion, in which I stressed that we all use principles of persuasion daily in our personal and professional lives. But what, exactly, does “persuasion” mean? It’s a question I bet most of you haven’t spent a lot of time asking yourselves. “Persuasion” is ethically winning the heart and mind of

What Is Your IQ (Influence Quotient)?

Horsepower. Pull. Sway. These should be words used to describe your influence within your dealership. Readers of my book, Persuasion Equation, know that I consider “persuasion” to be an action and “influence” to be a state or a condition. Influence reflects the ability to create an effect without exerting an effort. The ability to persuade