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Black Friday Tip: Take Your Buyer’s Photo and Then Close the Sale

Black Friday is next week (Thanksgiving is early this year), so make sure your digital camera is fully charged. You’ll want to take lots of photos that day. You can literally put your buyer in the picture. I tell powersports retailers to take a digital photograph of their prospective buyers when they are considering which

Boost Sales By Getting Out of the Dealership

In sales seminars, I used to ask people if they’d like to know the secret to doubling sales. Considering the room was usually full of commissioned salespeople, this was a bit like asking a hiker who spent the past two weeks climbing Mt. Shasta if he’d like to come warm himself by the fire. I’d

Four Ways to Reinvent the Roles of ‘Sales Professional’ in Your Dealership

Last time, I wrote about all the reasons why motorcycle salespeople are becoming worth less — but not worthless. If dealerships are to remain relevant they must reinvent the salesperson role to make it more significant. Here are four ways to do that: 1. Be an object of interest. Lance Orso, a sales professional at Dallas

How To Become An Expert … Fast

There’s always room in a motorcycle dealership for more expertise. Regardless of whether you’re plugging a knowledge gap within your store or expanding your own knowledge base to meet sales goals, you quickly can achieve a higher level of expertise — and, subsequently, greater credibility — by engaging in one, some or all of the

How to Boldly Sell More Motorcycles (Or Anything)

Let’s say you’re at a cocktail event with prospective buyers. Unlike in a motorcycle dealership, social etiquette here dictates that you introduce yourself to others before mentioning anything about a clutch. (On second thought, don’t even bring up the clutch.) Instead, find an appropriate time during the conversation to reveal an “amazing fact” about your

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Three Goals to Meet This Winter

Like the centerpiece dark carnival in Ray Bradbury’s novel, Something Wicked This Way Comes, for many motorcycle retailers, winter is a perennial indicator that something simultaneously terrifying and appealing is happening. The offseason is beginning soon, but you should waste no time during this downtime. Your dealership’s success next season depends on what you do right now.