Green Light Go! Why Culture Tops Strategy

Alan Mulally, the former Ford Motor Co. CEO who led what can only be described as an incredible turnaround at the great American automobile manufacturer, knew that culture beats strategy. In other words, you can have great plans or processes in places, but if the culture in your organization doesn't support performance improvement, you've got

Are You Making These Common Management Mistakes?

Being in the motorcycle business, you know that a governor is a device intentionally limiting acceleration. I submit that dealership managers are restricting their own acceleration (although not intentionally). Below are five of the most common ways in which managers are holding themselves back. 1. Sales managers are selling and closing every deal. Because of

What Is Your IQ (Influence Quotient)?

Horsepower. Pull. Sway. These should be words used to describe your influence within your dealership. Readers of my book, Persuasion Equation, know that I consider “persuasion” to be an action and “influence” to be a state or a condition. Influence reflects the ability to create an effect without exerting an effort. The ability to persuade