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Create a ‘Thunderstruck’ Sales Moment

Logic makes you think. Emotions make you act. You’ve read that here on many occasions. Now, let me give you another way of creating emotions so that you can create win-win relationships with your customers. Retailing is a sensory experience. The sights, sounds, smells, textures and yes, even tastes found in a motorcycle dealership can

Sales Exercise: Are You the Expert You Think You Are?

How much do you know about what you sell? Here's an "offering expertise exercise," and just as with physical exercise, this will only produce results if you actually do it. Take a blank sheet of paper and create three columns across the top of the page: What We Have, Do or Offer             How It Works            

Five More ‘New’ Rules for Sales Success

If you want to sell more, you must ensure your exchanges with buyers are as effective as possible. For that to happen, I suggest 10 “New Rules for Sales Success” – guides that will enable you to carefully review your sales exchanges and identify successes that others might miss, thereby enabling you to further leverage,

Why Life is Like a Harley-Davidson Transmission

When things slow down, I’m going to get that MBA. I just need to make it past this busy period, and then I’m going to learn that new software program. When we get through the fourth quarter, I’m going to start eating right and get in shape. Someday, I just need to take a long

Do You Recognize These Three Types of Sales-Related Stress?

Feeling stressed out right about now? To deal with stress, you first must understand where it comes from. The American Management Association identifies three basic types of stress: 1.) Individually oriented stress 2.) Interpersonally oriented stress 3.) Organizationally oriented stress Let’s break down each of these stress types and explore where and how they originate.

How to Work With Customers When You’re Having a Bad Day

Have you ever had one of those days? Nothing but unreturned voice-mail and e-mail messages, not to mention fruitless cold calls and frantic text messages from your boss about the numbers? Plus, your water heater conked out this morning, and your son has a track meet tonight. After 10 hours on the job, you want nothing

7 Cool Ways to Recognize Your Sales Superstars

If your hiring and staff development practices are good enough (or you’re just plain lucky), sooner or later you will have a sales superstar on your hands. These are the people that produce more, solve problems and can inspire others. But are you doing enough to recognize these superstars? (Don’t call them “superstars” — that

To Be Convincing, You Must Be Convinced

Here's a quick story I often tell in my sales training workshops, because it cuts to the essence of sales success: While speaking with one motorcycle dealership sales manager, I asked him what kind of bike he rode. “Oh, I don’t ride motorcycles,” he replied. “They’re overpriced and dangerous.” One of the bedrock principles of successfully