Why You Should Use Facts and Stats in Your Sales Pitch

Some sales professionals believe that buyers no longer care about facts and figures, so they suggest sellers avoid using them. This is nonsense. That said, some buyers will be more interested in such details than others. Do I think the average Harley-Davidson Super Glide customer knows (or cares) that the motorcycle has a 96-cubic-inch, 45-degree

Open Your Sales Pitch With an Amazing Fact

Quick story from when I worked in a dealership: “Have you tried the clutch?” I asked in a friendly tone. Most Harley-Davidson dealerships encourage customers to sit on the motorcycles. When astride the bike, they start pushing buttons, clicking switches and squeezing levers, as they stare off into the distance and imagine themselves thundering down

Do You Speak Your Industry’s Language?

In the Harley-Davidson world, we talk a lot about the Harley-Davidson culture. Whenever I’m working with dealers or anyone involved in the H-D business, I mention the importance of perpetuating that culture, and I always receive prideful acknowledgement and agreement. Then I ask, “What is that culture?” Blank stares. Eventually people start shouting out, “Freedom!”

Why ‘Best’ Is Not Good Enough

When you use such terms as “every,” “all” and “most,” you are making an absolute statement: • “Most salespeople are unethical.” • "All motorcycle riders are jerks."  • “Every credit union requires you to have a checking account and a savings account.” As you read those statements, you probably squawked, “That’s not true!” That’s exactly

How to Sell More, Faster

One reason more salespeople don’t sell more, faster? They try to do too much. For example, many don’t make great first impressions because they don’t create that big “ah-ha moment.” Instead of trying to wrap your mind around the 57 different ways you can impress a prospect, pick two questions that will really make that