How Much Credibility Do You Have?

In recent posts, I wrote about ways in which you can gain and lose credibility. Now it's time to evaluate your current level of credibility. Success in selling is tough to achieve if you don't have credibility as a sales professional. And credibility cannot be achieved if you do not possess the following three attributes:

Four Ways to Elevate Your Credibility

In a previous post, I wrote about four ways you can lose credibility. This time, I'll cover four ways to build more credibility in the eyes of everyone you encounter: 1. Realize that nothing breeds success like success. Publicize your successes, but don’t boast about them. Demonstrate your triumphs, relate your victories, repeat your progress. This

What Is Your IQ (Influence Quotient)?

Horsepower. Pull. Sway. These should be words used to describe your influence within your dealership. Readers of my book, Persuasion Equation, know that I consider “persuasion” to be an action and “influence” to be a state or a condition. Influence reflects the ability to create an effect without exerting an effort. The ability to persuade

How to Overcome Sales Objections

In previous posts, I revealed the formula for persuasion success, suggested ways in which to engage your prospects, offered ideas about how to explore new opportunities with your buyer and then frame the options for best sales results. As a reminder, here is the formula: Yes = E2F3. 1. Engage your target. 2. Explore the situation. 3. Frame the