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Who Should Deliver the Motorcycle to Your Customer?

Here's a grand idea: What about requiring someone from the service department — and NOT the salesperson — to do the final delivery of a customer's new motorcycle? Why do I think this idea works? Well, salespeople are a predictable lot (I should know; I am one.). The moment we sell something, immediately in our head

Open Your Sales Pitch With an Amazing Fact

Quick story from when I worked in a dealership: “Have you tried the clutch?” I asked in a friendly tone. Most Harley-Davidson dealerships encourage customers to sit on the motorcycles. When astride the bike, they start pushing buttons, clicking switches and squeezing levers, as they stare off into the distance and imagine themselves thundering down

Does Your Face Betray Your Words?

Once upon a time, a Harley-Davidson dealer wanted my help increasing sales of new motorcycles at his store. So I did what consultants do: I evaluated the market, employee skills, dealership processes and the like. Improvements could be made, but something else was wrong. When I casually asked the motorcycle sales manager what kind of

How to Create Sales Torque

Wearing a polo shirt, gabardine trousers and tasseled loafers, the wary customer moved carefully through the entryway like a rabbit suspecting a hungry fox to appear at any moment. Definitely a “citizen,” I thought to myself, employing biker vernacular for someone who isn’t yet engaged in the motorcycling lifestyle. Realizing he faced no impending doom,

How Your Body Language Is Telling Customers to Go Away

Sales professionals speak a silent language via what I call a series of “nonverbal sells.” These people often are unaware they may be sending the wrong message to customers simply by the way they stand, shake hands or interact with others. Here are five nonverbal selling (NVS) behaviors you might catch yourself engaging in during a typical