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Looking to energize your dealership staff? Interested in improving everyone’s performance? Find out way many say our sessions are “the best they’ve ever attended… in ANY industry.”

Below are just a few of the major topics we speak on in the motorcycle industry.

We also provide a host of other topics ranging from individual to organizational development; customized programs are also available.



Performance-Based Selling: What if Everything You’ve Been Told about Selling is Wrong?

Most sales models are as effective as a moped on a drag strip. Find out what you’ve been missing. In this results-oriented approach you will change how you think about selling.

Referral Results:
And He Told Two Friends…
And She Told Two Friends…

The key isn’t you finding new business it’s leveraging your existing customers to find new customers. Learn how.

Marketing Madness: Hot Dogs
are NOT a value proposition

If you’re pinning your sales and marketing success to the fact that you offer hot dogs and soda on Saturday. You’re competition WILL eat your lunch. Find out what to do about it.

Getting to Yes –
Because No Isn’t An Option

People behave for various reasons called fixed-action-response patterns. See how understanding these patterns can help you be more persuasive and your customers to make better purchase decisions.

The Worst Mistake –
And What You Can Do About It

There’s a thief looting your dealership of bottom line profits. It’s not your customers. It’s not your employees. It’s not your accountant. It’s you . . . if you allow discounting throughout your dealership. Find out how you can stop it.

Performance Management:
Why don’t they just do it!

Can you help me motivate my people? No, and here’s why. Also included six key conversations which will guarantee you’ll be a better manager.