Sales Talk: Rebutting Your Toughest Objections, NOW!

Mastering the art of objection rebuttal may be the most important sales skill needed by sales professionals today. It shouldn’t be adversarial; it should be educational, with more than a little persuasive psychology thrown in. In this powerful session learn how to:

  • Understand objections and communication to increase your objection success.
  • Identify the four most common objection areas, used by the four most common types of customers and see strategies to win them over!
  • Discover 19 sales psychology best practices to respond to tough questions.
  • Get specific word tracks to respond to the following objection situations:
    • “I can get it cheaper, somewhere else.”
    • “What’s my out the door price?”
    • “Why buy now?”
    • “I’m concerned about the economy …”
    • “It’s way too expensive.”
    • And more

You’ll want to keep this video easily accessible to use repeatedly for staff meetings, new employee training session and veteran tune-ups.

Video, Audio, PDF Document – All 3 downloads plus one week of unlimited e-mail access to send follow-up questions about the topic to Mark Rodgers and get advice. (iTunes, Quicktime or the latest version of Windows Media Player and Acrobat Reader required)

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