How to Ask for Referrals without Sounding like a Jerk!

Everyone knows referrals are important. Unfortunately far too few know how to get them professionally and consistently. This program will show you the way. Learn how to:

  • Crystallize your understanding of what referrals are and what they aren’t.
  • Learn the true power of referrals.
  • Overcome the four barriers of referral success.
  • Use the perfect words and phrases to get more referrals and more sales
  • Leverage the five steps to referral success.

In this program you’ll also learn ideas and principles to make getting referrals a standard operating procedure in your dealership’s culture. And some great ideas to get your customers involved in helping you get more business, faster.

Video download – includes the audio and the visuals in one file to watch on your computer (iTunes, Quicktime or the latest version of Windows Media Player required)

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