Are you an aural person? Would you rather listen than read?

If you are, then these podcasts are for you. Here you will find all sorts of recordings covering all sorts of topics. Just click on the link below and learn while you file or organize your area.

Want to close more deals more quickly listen to Five Sure-Fire Ways to Close More Deals. How about learning 20 years worth of dealership career lessons in less than ten minutes? Then click on 12 from 20. Want to find out how social science can help you? Hey All the Kids are Doing It! So go ahead, listen your way to dramatically improving your performance.

Five Surefire Ways to Close More Deals

Listen to this no holds barred podcast and be more productive.

12 from 20

20 years of career lessons in ten minutes.

All the Kids are Doing It!

Find out what really encourages people to act.

Greatest. Phrases. Ever.

Words and phrases to help you out of awkward situations, sooth disgruntled customers and smooth sales transitions.

It’s Your Business!

Get your people to be committed not merely compliant.