Here you will find all sorts of articles covering all sorts of topics. Need help defining your sales process? Check out Performance-Based Selling. Need help with dealership politics? Check out the Brother In-Law Syndrome. Want to close more deals more quickly read Five Sure-Fire Ways to Close More Deals.

The best way to leverage this information is to read it and completely understand it. Then print it out and share it with others. Dealers who are making dramatic advances, share this information throughout the dealership or department and then have staff meetings, based on the material and the topic.

So go ahead, improve your performance.


You Go Where You Look

The road to YES

Three skills you must master to succeed in sales.

13 Ways to create F&I AccSELLeration

Your Sales Process How to get there faster, have more fun and give customers a better experience.

17 Sales-Revving Ideas

Rev up for riding season.

7 Profit-Stopping Excuses

Is adding another 20 minutes to your sales process the best thing for the dealership?

Reading Their Minds

Understanding your customer can break down barriers.

What DO you do

What’s in a name? Read and find out.

Laugerman’s Harley-Davidson

A York institution for the ages.

The Harley Store

Success from the ground up.

Five Surefire Ways to Close More Deals

If you’re in it to win it, read this no holds barred article.

Devils & Dealers

“I want to work somewhere else…” Read one dealer’s very unique approach.

Myth of Motivation

Can you help me motivate my people? No, and here’s why.

Hot Dogs are NOT a value proposition

You’re competition WILL eat your lunch. Find out what to do about it.

I Can’t Take It!

Me neither. Here’s how to handle dealership stress.

Performance-Based Selling Part 1

What if everything you’ve been told about selling was wrong?

Performance-Based Selling Part 2

Milestones, results descriptions and the real reason why people by drills!

Brother-In-Law Syndrome Part 1

When the dealer principal’s relative is made general manager…

Brother-In-Law Syndrome Part 2

Why being right isn’t enough and why Machiavelli wasn’t all bad.

Brother-In-Law Syndrome Part 3

Turn your great dealership ideas into a business reality.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]