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You’re Doing it All Wrong

Avoid the Foghorn Leghorn Syndrome

If you’re fortunate enough to be of a certain age, you might remember a media star from Saturday morning cartoons by the name of Foghorn Leghorn. He was an oversized rooster, with a Colonel Sanders drawl and an Archie Bunker personality (Millennials: Please consult YouTube). My favorite Foghorn Leghorn saying? “Son, you’re doing it all wrong. You’re digging over there, when you know the worm is over here!” That’s how I feel when dealership salespeople keep asking about my “secrets” of the sales process: “What can we do or say to sell more?” “Are there actions I can take and language I can use to do more?” Of course, but that’s not the real leverage.

Mark’s Sales Funnels


Simply said, prospects are funneled into your sales process and referrals are captured after closing the business. And then your referrals become your new prospects. I often refer to this as a “virtuous” cycle. Pun intended. The real leverage for increased sales in both numbers and higher margins can be found in the realms of prospecting and referrals, not in a single step of the sales process.

The Hot List of Prospecting Ideas:

Prospecting is an art form, and I have dozens of ideas for various approaches. But for now, here is what I’m calling your “hot list” of prospecting ideas. Do just a few of these and I guarantee sales will follow:

  1. Host a “Bring a Friend” promotion.
  2. Go to them.
  3. Identify customers who are ready to trade up.
  4. Create cross-promotional displays to capture prospects names at outside businesses.
  5. Leverage your service department.
  6. Identify and contact credit-approved but abandoned customers.
  7. Identify and contact orphaned customers.
  8. Join local business and community groups. Get active.
  9. Cross-promote at Curves.
  10. Host an “after hours” event.
  11. Contact rental customers.
  12. Host a UFC event at your dealership. These are our kind of people!
  13. Host a women’s expo. (But perhaps not on the same night as your UFC event!)
  14. Exploit third-party seller programs.
  15. Spend some time on Craigslist.

There are more, but that’s enough for now.

I’m thinking of conducting a prospecting seminar/webinar where I can tell you more about the ideas above and demonstrate winning word tracks and killer prospecting strategies. You interested?

If so, email me:

Just write “Improve my prospecting!” in your subject line. If I receive substantial interest, I’ll host a webinar. We will endeavor to make it reasonable to participate and of course you’ll get the phenomenal return on your investment that you always get from us.

Here are two final thoughts:

  1. To be successful when prospecting, you must to change your mindset: You are not doing something to customers. You are doing something for them. This is an absolutely critical change in thinking.
  2. Whenever we talk about prospects, we talk about how careful we are with them and how precious they are as a resource. My question to you is this: What if we treated all customers like prospects?

Now, go sell something.

Talk soon, Mark

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