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Message from Mark:

Your Best Year Ever

Hopefully your 2012 has gotten off to a fast start. Here are a few things you can do to make certain, this is one of your best years ever!

  • Create a list of successes. When you review your successes you release dopamine in your brain. You feel good about yourself and … want to do it again!
  • Your career is a lot like a closed-loop fuel injection system. Check out what you’re doing pre-combustion, do it, and then measure it post combustion. Evaluate, improve and do it again.
  • Monitor your time and then improve your use. Ben Franklin said that time is the stuff that life is made of … so don’t waste it!

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Sales Savvy


Success through Storytelling

Throughout all of human existence we have learned and communicated through story telling. To increase your sales effectiveness, you and your sales team can create dealership success stories.

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Marketing Insights


Knowledge is Power

Want to make your Saturday’s really pop with excitement during these busy months?

How can you do that? Host a series of “Saturday Seminars” for your customers.

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Management Mindsets


Abandonment – The Effective Executive; Peter Drucker

We often talk about acquiring things. Here, the grandfather of modern management talks about letting go.

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Something Different


Great Questions, Great Answers

This might be an apocryphal story. Despite my best efforts to confirm that the following actually happened, I couldn’t. But if it didn’t happen, it should have.

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