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  • When your customer asks the price for one of your motorcycles and you respond with, “The asking price is …”, know you’ll be facing stiff negotiating headwinds.
  • Sales experts must go Beyond the Brochure™ if they want to reach their potential. If all you know is what’s in the brochure, you’re treading water. If you don’t know that, you’re drowning. Stay tuned for more on this important concept.
  • Years ago, research was conducted proving customers who purchased multiple items were more satisfied than customers who purchased individual items. Talk about news you can still use today!
  • The customer doesn’t care if you’re tired.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail. I’ve lost the sale, blown the call and not made my point. Who cares? I always learn from the experience, and I’m better prepared for the next opportunity.
  • What does it say about a dealership when it doesn’t post staff pictures or profiles on its website?
  • Being right isn’t enough. If you want to get your good idea off the ground, discover how to help others achieve their objectives. As long as what you’re doing is good for everyone involved, you’re on the right track.
  • Quoting monthly payments with back-end protection and not specifically disclosing that to a customer is payment packing. Don’t do it.
  • Understand that sales success is a series of agreements. Practice what I call T3: you have to go from tech to talk to touch. Turn emails into calls, and calls into visits.


Few people know service like fellow Dealernews expert Dave Koshollek.

Here are his adds to our Recall comments in our previous newsetter:

Good read on the recalls.

To add, what I’ve found is that the sharp dealerships know that the number one best opportunity for selling parts, gear and service is that the owner and their motorcycle are in the dealership. That’s what recalls do, they create a path for dozens to hundreds of customers to visit the dealer.

Some more best practices:

1 – When service work slows have the service adviser contact owners from the recall list to invite them to the store to have it performed. This is a favor to the owner and puts the owner in a position of reciprocity, which means you have earned the right by your personalized attention to recommend other services or accessories they would be interested in. (Mark, you introduced me to the art of reciprocity years ago and it stuck!)

2 – Meet with the technicians and come up with at least 10 cross-sell products that could be easily installed during the performance of the recall. You can offer a discount on the installation to sweeten the deal and that creates a sense of urgency to do it now.

3 – Before contacting owners on the recall list, check the vehicle’s history to see if there are any routine services that are needed and that could be performed while the bike is on the lift. This saves the owner some time, it’s convenient and, of course, increases the dealership’s parts and labor sales.

As always, I enjoy your articles and the excellent insight. I look forward to attending your Dealer EXPO presentation in December. I know you’ll knock it out of the park!

big-newsBIG NEWS

For 2015, we’re creating a series of short, weekly Accselleration videos designed to help you close more business, faster. The videos will be delivered right to your email inbox. Stay tuned for more details.



I will be anchoring the Dealernews National Retail Conference at Dealer Expo, December 4, 2014, in Chicago. From the press release:

Rodgers will present “weapons-grade” information in his “Accsellerate Your Sales” workshop on Thursday afternoon, Dec. 4, in a session designed specifically to give dealers the skills to dramatically increase sales while reducing costs associated with business acquisition. “Anyone can tell you to go spend a million on advertising,” says Rodgers. “We’re going to show you how to significantly improve your business with your most powerful weapon: your people.”

Mark’s workshop, as well as Dealer Expo, are free to attend for powersports retailers.

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fall-roadTOO FUNNY

After years of happy, carefree condo living, my wife Amy decided she wanted a proper house. We travel over 200 days a year, so I suggested an RV.

We bought a house.

With the house came my nemesis: chores. I do not live to putter, fix and heaven forbid, cut our grass in various patterns. In fact, I’m trying to kill our grass. I think I qualify for This Old House when I take the recycling bin to the curb.

Our first autumn, when the leaves in our front yard were about 3 feet deep, my father-in-law started expressing concern that the neighbors might possibly turn into torch-carrying townspeople insisting on our ouster from the neighborhood.

Driving home one glorious fall afternoon, dreading the prospect of raking those ever-deepening, infernal leaves, I found my salvation. A neighbor was using a Ghostbusters-like leaf vacuum to make short work of his chores. Genius!

My foot never hit the brakes as I drove immediately to the hardware store, where I asked for the very best leaf vacuum in stock. (Yep, that earned a wisecrack or two.)

A half-hour later and all fired up, backpack strapped on, I attacked the leaves. “Man, this thing works great.” I said to myself as I made short work of the pile in front of me. “Maybe I am one of those guys after all!” Ten minutes went by, 20 minutes, 30 minutes. I think to myself, “This backpack has incredible capacity.”

Just then, I look over my shoulder to see a rooster-tail-like plume of mulched leaves shooting behind me like the fountains at the Bellagio.

The lesson: Zip your backpack.

Far too many people just go through their day, letting crucial information, opportunities and clues to success pass through their consciousness like leaves through my leaf vacuum. Remember to zip your backpack.

vince-marantoMARK’S INBOX

We love hearing from our readers, subscribers and workshop participants:

Hey Mark, I just finished reading the latest PDP Newsletter and was instantly reminded of what a positive impact your workshop bestowed upon me AND my dealership. Your relaxed and unintimidating style makes engaging in your program a pleasurable learning experience from newbies to veterans. Your training sparks interest at all levels of experience and quells apathy from even the most weathered vets in the business. Our business is always evolving, so we must remain ever-vigilant in our pursuit of continuing education, which you provide so proficiently. Whenever I become tongue-tied or have a brain lapse during a presentation, I just ask myself: WWMS? (What Would Mark Say?)

Vince Maranto

Harley-Davidson of Baltimore

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