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Dealers are Talking

If there are more accurate statements coming from anyone other than Mark Rodgers in this industry … I’ve not heard them.”

Dan Stern – House of Thunder H-D, Morgan Hill, CA

“You give me things to think about when I think I have heard it all.” 

Paul Ray – Gruene Harley-Davidson, New Braunfels, TX

“When Mark Rodgers speaks, you need to listen.” 

John Ward – Black Wolf Harley-Davidson, Bristol, VA

Mark’s Peak Performance Tips

Here are some quick hits for significant growth:  

  1. “Show me.” The two most important words a manager can say.”Show me the emails you’ve sent to prospects.” “Show me the referrals you’ve gotten from the last customer.” “Show me how you perform an outbound prospecting call.” “Show me the customer signed menus in the deal jacket.”Your sales processes are worthless if they don’t result in observable evidence. (I’ve always marveled at salespeople who report back to their sales managers that they are establishing rapport with their customers. Can you write down their first and last name? No? Get back out there!) Here are two more important words.
  2. Stop it. Far too many dealerships use role playing as a device to embarrass, humiliate and degrade. When your people take a risk (and that’s exactly what it is) and perform in front of their peers it takes courage. And to then get nothing but mercilessly criticized creates resistance and resentment. This is what makes people lay awake at night seeking creative methods of retribution the likes of which would makeTony Montana from Scarface jealous.When a person demonstrates something ask several observers what they liked. When peers comment positively this proves respect for the effort. Then ask the demonstrator what he might have done differently. Now instead of being defensive, he might be willing to self analyze. Then, you as the meeting leader provide constructive feedback, in a manner which contributes to your person’s development.
  3. When you give “out the door” pricing – especially over the phone – you are enabling customers to price shop your offering. Why would you do that?
  4. If you want to establish trust fast, don’t lead with your strengths, rather lead with a weakness. Then use a “reversal” phrase to say, “However, our strengths overwhelm our weakness.” And then talk about what you do well. This will do several important things for you and your customer.First it shows that you’re honest enough to bring your weaknesses out first. Second, it proves that you are knowledgeable of all sides of the issue. And finally, leveraging the principle of contrast, this allows your strengths to shine.
  5. Ever have customers upset about their credit scores? A new study by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – the results of which were reported in the Wall Street Journal – identifies specifics about why that may be. In an interview with WSJ reporter, Maya Jackson Randall, she states that 79 percent of all credit reports contain errors and that there are over 49 different FICO scores available to lenders (but not consumers!).So when you give the required Credit Score Disclosure Notification to your customers and they blow a gasket because their score is lower than they think it should be, the reason is they are comparing motorcycles to mobile homes.
  6. A person told us after our last email that she loved our stuff and it’s helped her immensely but was stopped in her tracks when she found two typos in our last newsletter.She commented that she “couldn’t possible read any further” after finding two typos in the same paragraph.That struck me as absurd. What if her next breakthrough idea was in the next section and she stopped because I used the word “through” instead of the word “threw.” Life and business is about success and not perfection. Big thinkers look for concepts. I promise more big ideas – and the occasional typo – in the future.
  7. One thing.  Most of us have one action that if we did (or didn’t do!) we would reap huge returns. Whether it’s asking for referrals with every sale (Really? You do? Show me!), or making five outbound prospecting calls per day, or whether it’s spending half an hour in the evening reading something that will improve your condition (Come on, can’t you skip that rerun of How I Met Your Mother?) to swapping that dinner choice of pizza for a salad, most of us can find one thing that if we changed we would be significantly improved.
    What’s your one thing?

Now go sell something!


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