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  • When someone tells you that only 4 percent of communication success is verbal and the remaining 96 percent is body positioning and voice inflection, there’s only one word that should come to mind: Amateur. It’s called the Mehrabian Myth – misapplied research that only applies in certain, and very limited, situations. Need proof? Three words: The Gettysburg Address.
  • If you believe in your products and services, sell them at a profit. Relying on discounting to earn the business is a direct result of fear: You’re afraid you can’t outsell or out-market your competition.
  • I’ve never seen a dealership with unhappy employees and happy customers. Have you?
  • Your confidence, and thus your success, is enhanced by two words: skill acquisition. Here are some percentages you can take to the bank: Mark’s Law of Skills Acquisition states that 10 percent is attained through reading or watching, 20 percent through coaching and 70 percent through doing (either live or simulated).
  • Don’t use the hackneyed “either/or” close. By changing one word, you can significantly increase your professionalism. Don’t say this: “I’ve got time for a test ride on either Wednesday or Thursday; which of those work for you?” Rather, supplant the word “which” for “do”: “Do either of those days work for you?” What’s the difference? “Which” forces the customer’s hand. People don’t like this, and it creates the psychological condition known as reactance. The buyer’s first inclination is to resist. And even if he still chooses it, he resents it.
  • One more: Play with adjectival phrases. We help customers in the categories of decisions and risks, so modify those nouns: We help customer make smart decisions, better decisions, riding decisions, financial decisions. We help customers mitigate risk, lower risk, reduce risk. Next, you can further modify these words: We help you dramatically lower your risk. We help you make significantly smarter riding decisions.

See, words do matter.



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