img_headAt the risk of infuriating trademark attorneys at Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Productions, I dare to use this colloquial phrase, because it communicates my point so well. One of the surest ways to remain in control as you speed toward closing a sale is to provide your buyer with a moment in which he scratches his head and says, “That’s an intriguing idea. I’ve never thought of it like that.”


Now, you’ve established yourself as different from all of the other salespeople this prospect has encountered over the years. Now, you’re adding value. Now, you’re enabling the potential buyer to learn something he didn’t know before speaking with you. This is a major component of sales success. So practice engineering those “a-ha” moments with a series of “what if” questions. This type of inquiry allows you and your buyer to suspend reality and consider the possibilities.

Questions might include:

  • What if you could have the new model, and not see any increase in your monthly payment?
  • What if we came to you and you never had to leave your home or office to do business with us?
  • What if we could assure you that you would always have someone to call, and that you would always speak to a knowledgeable person on the other end?

It’s easy to come up with “what if” questions, based on the circumstances surrounding your buyer. These questions enable you and your buyer to consider an interesting hypothetical situation in a non-threatening way.

And who knows your buyer may just say, “A new model and no change in payment? I’m in!” Try these today and see what you come up with and how your customers respond.