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Message from Mark:

We’ve been working hard here at the world-wide headquarters for Peak Dealership Performance. New clients, new projects and a host of other cool activities have been keeping us busy.

While we were at it we revamped your Peak Dealership Performance newsletter for better organization and readability. Every issue will have short and powerful articles on sales, marketing and management. And of course, something fun.

Also, we’re pleased to announce our forthcoming McGraw-Hill book:Accelerate the Sale: Kick-Start Your Personal Selling Style to Close More Sales, Faster is on the press as I write this.

We start book speaking engagements on the East Coast later this month and Amy and I are terribly excited about this new chapter (couldn’t resist) in our business. McGraw-Hill is excited as well, and will be promoting the book (rare), in many ways, most notably for you, in Selling Power magazine beginning in July.

The book has even been endorsed by none other than sales legend Brian Tracy, author of The Psychology of Selling. Here’s what he has to say about it: “This powerful, practical book, based on proven, real-life experience, shows you how to make the sale, faster and easier than ever before!”

Go to for more information.

Now, on to your Peak Dealership Performance newsletter …

Sales Savvy


Provide an “A-ha” Moment

At the risk of infuriating trademark attorneys at Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Productions, I dare to use this colloquial phrase, because it communicates my point so well.

One of the surest ways to remain in control as you speed toward closing a sale is to provide your buyer with a moment in which he scratches his head and says …

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Marketing Insights


The Fastest, Most Effective Marketing Plan Ever!

Years ago, one of my mentors showed me a marketing plan that is easy and effective. This simple, yet effective plan can do wonders for your business.

Here are three steps to your marketing effectiveness:

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Management Mindsets

Performance Harley Davidson Sales Team – From left to right Chris Foley / Bruno Schirripa (Business Manager) / Dan Carfi (Sales Manager) / Mitch Levy / not pictured Brian Sedlack.

Performance Harley-Davidson Sales Team

Motivational Management: Skills, Recognition and Cash – keys for success.

Bruno Schirripa, business manager for Performance Harley-Davidson in New York has, with his dealer principals guidance, has been getting more involved in helping to develop the entire sales process at his dealership.

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Something Different


Where else but Philly?

As reported by Reuters news service: The owner of a suburban Philadelphia pizza shop has been arraigned on charges he schemed to plan live mice in competing pizza parlors in hope of putting them out of business.

The owner of Verona Pizza watched the perpetrator go into his restroom …

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