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Sorry so long. We’ve been busy working on new and exciting projects to bring you cool new information. Going forward we’re going to be more consistent and more concise.



  • Your role is to improve the condition of the customer. Ask yourself, “How is the customer better off after interacting with me?” If you don’t know, keep thinking.
  • Providing insights not found in the brochure or on the website is key. If all you know is the basic product information easily found on the web, your value in the sales process is evaporating by the moment.
  • We all know referrals are key, but few seize the opportunity. I think it’s because we’re uncomfortable asking. Want an easy way to get started? Just start saying to customers as they depart: “Don’t keep us a secret! Tell your friends about us.”
  • Are you consciously improving every day or are you unconsciously going through the motions. It’s one thing to have 25 years of experience and a completely different thing to have one year of experience you’ve repeated 25 times.
  • Had a customer blow up? Didn’t make the sale? Couldn’t convince others to buy-in to your idea? Forget about it and move on. Resilience in this business is key. They customer might have had a bad day, or the timing wasn’t right for your idea. Simply move on to what’s next. The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of them.
  • When you introduce a co-worker add a credibility enhancing statement: “I’d like you to meet Corey Williamson, he’s our business manager. He’s one of the best in the business and we’re lucky to have him.” Studies show your closing rates will skyrocket.
  • Your showroom floor has high and low areas of customer traffic. Move some of your slow moving inventory into the high exposure zone. We’ve seen incredible results fast, with just this simple approach.



I will be anchoring the Dealernews National Retail Conference at Dealer Expo, December 4, 2014 in Chicago. From the press release:

Rodgers will present “weapons-grade” information in his “Accsellerate Your Sales” workshop on Thursdayafternoon, Dec. 4, in a session designed specifically to give dealers the skills to dramatically increase sales while reducing costs associated with business acquisition. “Anyone can tell you to go spend a million on advertising,” says Rodgers. “We’re going to show you how to significantly improve your business with your most powerful weapon: your people.”

Mark’s workshop as well as Dealer Expo, are free to attend for powersports retailers.

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A Harley-Davidson salesperson was using his personal iPhone to show a prospective customer the new motorcycle’s communication system. While demonstrating the various features, which included a text-to-speech component, the salesperson received a text message from his girlfriend regarding their date for later that night. Of course, the sophisticated new system immediately started to translate and play the message aloud through the audio system, booming the message throughout the dealership.

Complete with his girlfriend’s intimate details of her plans for him that evening!

After scrambling to mute his phone, the salesperson sheepish apologized to the customer.

The customer grinned and enthusiastically inquired if this was standard on all models.

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