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Dealers are Talking

If there are more accurate statements coming from anyone other than Mark Rodgers in this industry … I’ve not heard them.”

Dan Stern – House of Thunder H-D, Morgan Hill, CA

“You give me things to think about when I think I have heard it all.”

Paul Ray – Gruene Harley-Davidson, New Braunfels, TX

“When Mark Rodgers speaks, you need to listen.”

John Ward – Black Wolf Harley-Davidson, Bristol, VA

Mark’s Peak Performance Tips

Here are some quick hits for significant growth:

  1. Discounting is like that verse from the Eagles’ classic Hotel California. “You can check out any time you’d like, but you can never leave.”
  2. Do you have at least three different ways to ask the customer for their contact information? If not, you should.
  3. If you’ve been selling motorcycles for more than four years, the majority of your business should be from repeat and referral business. If not, you’re working way too hard and making way too little. Change that.
  4. Speaking of the Mercedes Benz… Why is it I can’t seem to find a Mercedes dealership that uses a four square?
  5. You need to create what I call Mark’s Sales Factory. A step-by-step approach for prospecting; a defined, results-oriented sales process, and a step-by-step process for garnering referral business.
  6. Understand that when you set out to improve yourself or your dealership you will encounter what I call “ascent turbulence.” That rough patch of air the plane goes through on every flight on its way to a cruising altitude. Don’t let it surprise you, it happens on every flight.
  7. Learn to use a figure of speech called chiasmus. This is where a phrase is inverted on itself. JFK’s “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Is an oft cited example.

What does this mean to you? Ever heard the phrase “Live to Ride. Ride to Live.”? Ok, still not impressed? Try using chiasmus on your showroom floor.

“It’s not what you can do to the bike; it’s what the bike can do … toyou.”

It’s a great turn of a phrase, people find this use of language fascinating, and it’s far from existential nonsense. What we are selling is transformation, and the sooner you wrap your head around that the better off you’ll be.
Use these ideas and transform yourself, into the high-performing sales professional you’ve always wanted to be.

Happy You Year!

Now go sell something!


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