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After 20 years, we’re returning home to the pages of Dealernews magazine. Look for “Accselleration with Mark Rodgers” for weapons-grade, pragmatic advice to turbocharge your career. Subscribe to Dealernews now – links below!



  • You’ve heard of features, advantages and benefits when presenting product information. Today, you need to grab customers’ attention fast. Try flipping that language string on its head and present benefits, advantages and features – in that order: “Want a bike that’s a scream to ride? This bike kicks out 78 foot pounds of torque from this 1200-cc power plant.”
  • Two powerful words to get someone to comply with your request? Will you. As in, “Will you promise me you’ll send in the customer satisfaction survey?” Why does this work? What do you call a person who says one thing and does another?
  • One of my favorite words is savvy: “Our savviest customers put down between 20 and 25 percent on their motorcycle purchase, because that puts them in a terrific equity position.” It’s compelling and aspirational. People either consider themselves savvy or they want to be savvy. Now, ask me this: “Mark, are you saying my customers who don’t put down 20 percent on their motorcycle aren’t savvy?” Yes. Yes, I am. (Grin)
  • Another powerful piece of language is the word because. Psychologists say we heard this word a lot when we were young and at an impressionable stage of our development. (“Why does the white leave when the snow melts?” “Because!”) So even as adults, when we hear the word because, we’re convinced of an argument’s validity.
  • Be wary of the customer who walks in on Saturday around closing time and wants to buy the most expensive motorcycle and a bunch of cool gear and accessories without any negotiating whatsoever. It may seem like manna from heaven, but in reality it could be identity theft. Alert your management and lenders of your concern, and be sure to use your identification protocol. Don’t roll the bike until you’re sure.



I’ve just finished my latest book, Persuasion Equation: The Subtle Science of Getting Your Way. It will be published by AMACOM and available in bookstores and online in early 2015.

If you want to hear “yes” faster than you ever thought possible, this is the book for you.



I will be anchoring the Dealernews National Retail Conference at Dealer Expo, December 4, 2014 in Chicago. From the press release:

Rodgers will present “weapons-grade” information in his “Accsellerate Your Sales” workshop on Thursdayafternoon, Dec. 4, in a session designed specifically to give dealers the skills to dramatically increase sales while reducing costs associated with business acquisition. “Anyone can tell you to go spend a million on advertising,” says Rodgers. “We’re going to show you how to significantly improve your business with your most powerful weapon: your people.”

Mark’s workshop as well as Dealer Expo, are free to attend for powersports retailers.

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When our youngest nephew Michael was 8 or 9, he and I would spend hours fishing together. He would ask nonstop questions about fishing, fish and tackle. Pointing to our gear, he asked about a scissors-type item hanging from my tackle box. “Those are called hemostats,” I explained.
“Hemostats. They’re like surgical instruments, but we use them to remove fishhooks.”
Blink. Blink. Blink.

Shocked, he blurted out, “And the doctors are OK with that?!”

This is a great portrayal of the power of the principle of authority. We defer to experts and bestow great power and deference to certain titles and professions. You know, like “All-Being Master of Time, Dimension and Wide Glides.”

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We love hearing from our readers, subscribers and workshop participants:

“I just wanted to say thank you for the training, both on the job and in my personal life! You are very good at what you do and I can’t value enough the amount of growth you have provided me! Thank you! It was an honor to be in your workshop.”

Justin Lewis – Rubber City Harley-Davidson, Ohio

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