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Dealers are Talking

If you sell motorcycles for a living, you will benefit from coaching by Mark Rodgers!
Our specific challenge was to increase the number of referrals and repeat purchases we received with our top salesperson. Mark’s results were impressive  and today, that somewhat skeptical salesperson is getting more than 50% of his business from repeats and referrals.
You owe it to your business, your sales team and your customers to spend some time  with Mark Rodgers.

Lyndon Abell – Patriot Harley-Davidson, Fairfax, VA

If there are more accurate statements coming from anyone other than Mark Rodgers in this industry … I’ve not heard them.”

Dan Stern – House of Thunder H-D, Morgan Hill, CA

“You give me things to think about when I think I have heard it all.”
Paul Ray – Gruene Harley-Davidson, New Braunfels, TX
“When Mark Rodgers speaks, you need to listen.”

John Ward – Black Wolf Harley-Davidson, Bristol, VA

Mark’s Peak Performance Tips

Here are some quick hits for significant growth:
8 Ways to Survive the Rest of the Selling Season … and Not Strangle Someone!
  1. Don’t get saved by the “Bell.” Ditch the Taco Bell (and all the fast food, for that matter). It costs way too much and doesn’t provide the right kind of energy you need. You’ll end up feeling tired, cranky and Chihuahua-like. Pack a turkey sandwich from home, bring apples, have almonds around and put your Greek yogurts in the refrigerator. Your body (and therefore your energy level and mood) is really one big chemistry experiment: Put good stuff in and get good stuff out.
  2. Find a Hideout. Yep, I mean that literally. You’ve got to find a place to hide. People become what I call “socially exhausted.” Being in front of customers and co-workers for 10 to 12 hours at a time will make even the most patient person yearn to be a hermit. Find a place where you can hide, by yourself and uninterrupted, for ten minutes. It will make aworld of difference.
  3. Be like Gandhi. During the selling season, people – customers and co-workers ­- aren’t themselves. So if things start getting tense, recognize that when individuals experience extreme times of stress, personality characteristics become exaggerated. When that happens (and it will) have some empathy. They’re not really bad people; they’re just a little freaked out at the moment.
  4. Keep exercising. Yes, I know it’s the selling season. Yes, I know you have to get to the store. But if you want to do the best job you can for your customers, your dealership and yourself, don’t let your exercise program go off track during this busy time. This is when you need exercise the most! Even if you can only get 30 minutes in every day, do it. You will be more patient, more tolerable and have more energy to place the one prospecting call that could lead to the two-bike/husband-and-wife sale! Or …
  5. Start exercising. Does pushing a motorcycle back intoposition on the sales floor wear you out? Admit it: Maybe you’re out of shape. Being in good (or at least better) physical condition will give you more energy. How do you get there? Improve blood flow to your muscles and brain by exercising on a consistent basis, even if it’s just a 30-minute walk. A physically fit person should have a resting heart rate of around 50 beats per minute.
  6. Hey, do you wanna …” No. The things that most sap your energy during the selling season include unplanned social activities on Friday night. “Hey,” your buddy says, “do you want to grab a couple of beers after work on Friday?” No. Saturday is money day. Saturday is the day you want to be your best. Should you go out for beers the night before? No. Wait until December.
  7. Ditch the death metal: Calm down! Let me explain: Studies show that mice listening to Mozart navigated mazes more effectively than those listening to either nothing or the heavy-metal band Anthrax. Chances are slim you’ll add a classical-music playlist to your iPod, but at least remove the earbuds and turn off your electronic devices every so often. Barraging your senses with electronic stimulation can be fatiguing. And for goodness sakes, turn off the $#@!@# Media Loop every so often.
  8. Use positive mental affirmations:  Many psychologists believe that most of a person’s “self-talk” is negative, which creates a defeatist attitude and low energy. So try mental affirmations to pull you through. I like this one made famous by the late French psychotherapist Emile Coue: “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.” Or better yet, try this: “I will not strangle him, I will not strangle him …”I use that one a lot.

Try these ideas, and soon you’ll be­ – in the immortal words of Ted Nugent – “locked, cocked and ready to rock!”

Now go sell something!


Mark Rodgers

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