2011-08-01This approach is really predicated on known aspects of the human condition.

  1. Customers need to be engaged in order to buy. Involve them and often they can sell themselves;
  2. People defer to authority figures. When the customer is in your store, your sales people are the experts. Customers will often defer to their direction.
  3. Most people want to be helpful. If you ask them to do you a favor, they will.

So how do you capitalize on these two ideas? Easy! Create “Do me a favor” Saturdays (or Tuesday, or Thursday, or geez, every day). The way this works is this: First use our “Two-Fer” opens; “Day off?” “Lunch break?” “Come far?” and establish friendly rapport and discover crucial information.

Then try this: “Do me a favor, throw your leg over this motorcycle, I’d like to see how it fits you.” And guess what? Dollars to donuts they will! You get to see if in fact this bike fits them physically and maybe, just maybe, the psychological phenomenon of transference begins. Here’s the list, see if you can come up with more:

  • Do me a favor, throw your leg over this bike, I’d like to see how it looks on you.”
  • “Do me a favor; try the clutch on this motorcycle.”
  • “Do me a favor; tell me what you think about this paint job.”
  • “Do me a favor; take this bike for a ride and let me know what you think.”

Notice this isn’t doing something to the customer but rather doing something for the customer. They’ve come down to your dealership, and may be a bit shy about asking a question or sitting on a motorcycle. You’re demonstrating great leadership by engaging them, discovering really what it is they are looking for, so you can best help them. Try it you’ll be glad you did!