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Message from Mark:

Dog Days of August

As we head into the heart of August many dealers showroom floors are becoming filled with new models, while you still have 2011s on the floor for sale. Here’s a tip: When referring to the new models, lose the “er” descriptors. Avoid describing the new models as: “cooler,” “faster,” or even, “better.” Why?

Because of the principle of contrast; it disparages your other inventory. “This new 2012 model, is cooler, faster and better than … ahhh … these other bikes we have for sale.” Often, moving carryover inventory is tough enough; don’t stub your toe along the way.

Looking for Few Good …

Compensation plans. If your dealership is using some sort of team-basedcompensation plan, drop us a line. We’ll trade one of our webinar programs (see below) for some quick details.

Showroom Traffic Down?

With the market gyrations recently we’re reminded that people get scared quickly, and confident, slow.

Time to pick up the phone; review our other articles and programs (we’ve written and spoken extensively on this) and start to stimulate some interest in seeing a brochure, getting a picture taken, taking a ride. Don’t try and sell one over the phone, just start trying to make something happen.

This Issue:

On to your newsletter; in this issue we’ve covering “Do me a favor …” Saturdays (and add-on to our ever popular, two-word opens) and we’ll share the winners of last month’s Dealership Diva case study. We’ll also show you how sales professional Eric Bacon, has taken the thank you card to a new level!

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Sales Savvy


Do Me a Favor Saturdays.

This approach is really predicated on known aspects of the human condition.

  1. Customers need to be engaged in order to buy. Involve them and often they can sell themselves;
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Marketing Insights


The Ne Plus Ultra of

Follow Up

Erik Bacon, sales professional at Hal’s Harley-Davidson, has achieve top dog status in my book for his follow up card system. Yes, we all know we should send follow up cards to our customers, but far too few of us actually execute this notion.

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Management Mindsets


Management Case Study – You Manage a Superstar Who Acts like a Diva … What do you do?

You may remember last time we offered a management case study. A top performer consistently comes late to staff meetings. What should you do? Here are our winning submissions.

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Something Different


Accelerate the Sale Update

Selling Power Magazine

We are in Selling Power Magazine! See the ad to the right.

Hal’s Harley-Davidson Accelerate the Sale Event

We also conducted an Accelerate the Sale dealership experience with the terrific crew at Hal’s Harley-Davidson.

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