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The Dealernews Retail Conference in Chicago was an exciting event. Here’s what dealers are saying about our session on how to accsellerate™  sales:


  • “Buyers are liars” is a terrible phrase. You can’t think the worst of someone and simultaneously want the best from that person.
  • Want to try something interesting? In your next staff meeting, keep a running count of positive phrases and negative phrases (a quick tick box on a piece of paper will do). Then examine the ratio of positive to negative comments; this is called the “Losada ratio.” Companies with better than 2.9:1 Losada ratios for positive to negative statements are typically more successful financially.
  • No money down is a lot like drinking: You’re having tomorrow’s fun today.
  • Fill in the blank. “We are the ______ dealer.” If you don’t, your customers will.
  • For those of you with fitness-related New Year’s resolutions: Losing weight is math; keeping it off is psychology.
  • If you don’t invest in your own development, how can you expect any returns? What development activities will you invest in this year?
  • One of my favorite quotes comes from Mike Tyson: “Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the mouth.”
  • The riding season is coming up. I believe you should prepare for it the way an athlete prepares to perform. If you want a great read about how one of our era’s greatest athletes prepares, read this Sports Illustrated article about the disciplined life of Tom Brady:
  • If you really want to learn something, try coaching someone else in how to do it.
  • While working with a high-performing sales professional he said: “I’m able to do my job, because I’m not afraid for my job.” That is an interesting notion.
  • Why should you go to the Dealernews Retail Conference:



Be interesting, fast and lead with the customer’s improved condition. You literally have nanoseconds to get someone’s attention. Don’t simply leave a voice message that says, “I’m just calling to follow up on our conversation.” You’re delivering no new information here; as a matter of fact, you’re diminishing the importance by saying the word “just.”

Try this instead: “Steve, Mark Rodgers, Texas Cycles. I did some research on the motorcycle we talked about and found out some very interesting information; give me a call.” (All you Midwesterners can say, “Please give me a call.”)

Then, of course, give your contact information twice. Say the numbers singularly and slowly (some people leave numbers so fast that it annoys the recipient), and then on the second go round, deliver the last four in pairs: “That’s 2-6-2-7-5-4, ninety-six, thirty-seven.” What you’ve done here is lead with the customer’s improved condition, telling Steve about the research you’ve completed!



If you attended the DX14 Session, you heard my ideas about how to use language. One suggestion is to use a chiasmus, a phrase inverted upon itself: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but …”

We gave several cool examples of how to use a chiasmus on the selling floor (you’ll have to get the video). John Lyon, who was there, used the idea to come up with several ways he could incorporate this idea into marketing messages for his dealership, Wilkins Harley-Davidson:

* “Wilkins is the place, and the place is Wilkins!”

* “Bring your family to Wilkins and we’ll get you on a motorcycle. Bring your motorcycle to Wilkins and we’ll make you family.”

* “Wilkins aims to give you the service of a lifetime, so that your motorcycle can give you a lifetime of service.”



Although my wife and I enjoy fishing together, we are the antithesis of Bass Masters in that we fish from a pontoon boat complete with snacks and frequent naps. We basically put our living room on the water and call it sport. The one thing we do share with the pros is fancy “fish finder” technology. We, too, have one of these expensive black boxes that give us sonar-created pictures of what’s under our boat.

Fast-forward to a hot and muggy July morning as Amy piloted our pontoon living room through a tight channel on Wisconsin’s Whitewater Lake. While she kept a careful eye on the finder, I busied myself preparing the tackle for our day on the water. “Mark, we need to stop here,” Amy said excitedly, “I’ve never seen so many fish!”

“But we never fish here,” I growled like the character Quint in the movie Jaws as I made my way to examine the sonar image.

It was an unbelievable sight. The underwater world around us was exploding with fish. Big fish, little fish and the most picturesque drop-offs and covers. It was amazing. This was going to be a great day.

After two hours of fishless-fishing we couldn’t understand what we were doing wrong. I studied the finder, still teeming with aquatic life.

We were fishing the simulation.

Yep, we had just spent two hours fishing the computer-generated quintessential fishing paradise created by the marketing people at Garmin!

Just like you need to have the right “read” on the territory you are fishing, you also need to have the right read on your business to help you achieve peak performance. Don’t just take one customer’s observation on your new product or service; get three. If there is a performance issue with your sales process, just don’t take your salesperson’s perspective on a given situation; observe it for yourself. Here’s a great two-for for you: “Go See.”

Go see for yourself what’s going in in your store.

Trust me. The fishing will be better.



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