2011_07_picture-1Everywhere you look, listen, read, watch and surf, people are talking about the economy and usually not in a good way. So how do you convince your customers that – given all they are exposed to – buying a motorcycle now is a great decision?

Want to be convincing? You have got to be convinced. Before you try to persuade your customers, you have got to believe in what you are promoting. Here’s what you need to ‘buy’ into:

  • You have got to be convinced of the value you bring to the equation.
  • You have got to be convinced of the value your dealership provides.
  • You have got to be convinced that motorcycling makes great sense, in any and all market conditions.
  • You have to see what you’re doing is not taking from customers but giving to customers. You are giving them the gift of motorcycling.

As the saying goes, the first sale is always to you. For those of you nodding in agreement right now, read on.

Contrary to what some customers may think, now is actually a great time to buy a motorcycle. And it’s your responsibility to prove to them why buying now is good for them.

How can you do that effectively? Listen to what they are really saying. Then show them financial, practical and emotional reasons they should own a bike.

We’ve heard the comments for months now. “I like the motorcycle, but I’m worried about the economy.” Or “I’m going to wait and see what’s going to happen with the economy.”

Although I’m a huge fan of the witty reply, the fast rejoin, and the compelling response, if you think there are some magic phrases which will completely overcome this hesitation instantly, every time, well then you must have visited one of those new fangled California medical marijuana dispensaries I’ve been reading so much about.

But there are things that you can say and do which may enable a potential customer to think about things differently and as a result, dramatically improve your chances of sales success.

First, you have to take into consideration why a sale may be likely. And surprisingly some don’t see this, THEY ARE STANDING IN YOUR STORE AND TALKING TO YOU!

They wouldn’t be talking to you if there was no chance they might be persuaded. Don’t forget this fact, and many people do. What are customers really saying when they make “economy” comments?

They may be hesitating because they are:

  • Concerned spending money on a motorcycle might be irresponsible.
  • Worried if they lose their job they won’t be able to make payments.
  • Don’t want others to see them as a spendthrift.

What are some reasons why customers should purchase a motorcycle now, even in this economy?

  • Motorcycles have never been better built or better designed.
  • The selection of both new and used bikes is terrific, and no one can guarantee how long this will be true.
  • We do have current purchasing incentives that we’ve never had before and don’t know how long they may last.
  • Dealers are now, more than ever, intensely focused on delivering value.
  • Similarly, salespeople are deeply focused on creating deliriously happy customers.
  • For qualified customers financing options abound.
  • Service plans enable peace of mind regarding mechanical problems or trip interruptions.
  • Maintenance plans can be financed and take care of service needs for a few dollars a month.
  • Finance protection plans can protect you from many uncertainties like theft, accident, injury and even UNEMPLOYMENT.
  • Motorcycles enable CYCLE-THERAPY; go for a ride and get a new perspective on the world.
  • Faster, easier and more affordable than other recreational endeavors; know anyone with a boat?
  • Life is short; no one at the end says “I wish I would have been more financially cautious.”
  • We sold fifteen bikes (or whatever your number is) last week/month. So see, all the kids are doing it.

Pick your three favorite and use with your customers and see if you just don’t turn that “no” into a “maybe.”