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Message from Mark:

We’re excited to report Accelerate the Sale is getting into the hands of sales professionals everyone. Here’s what one Harley-Davidson dealer principal had to say:

“I knew this was going to happen.

Ordered the book from Amazon – received it today and immediately opened it and read it quickly. So, as usual, listening to you or reading your material is very inspirational and very logical. And now, I will have to order a copy for all sales people and managers. You always cost me, but you’re worth it

I am tempted to give them the Appendix test (back of the book) first, before giving them a copy. Great job!”

Dan Stern, Dealer Principal

House of Thunder H-D

Morgan Hill, CA

#12 on INC Magazine’s Business Book Bestseller List


Mark Rodgers makes INC Magazine’s Business Book Bestseller List for his new book – Accelerate the Sale published by McGraw-Hill.  Be sure to visit Amazon or your favorite bookseller to get your copy today!

Signed Copies

We’ve been inundated with requests for signed copies. For those of you attending the Harley-Davidson new model announcement meeting in Anaheim – simply bring your copy to the show and we’d be happy to sign copies there for you.

Go to for more information.

Hal’s Harley-Davidson – Accelerate the Sale Dealership Event

If you’re in the Milwaukee area the week of July 27th we pleased to announce our first dealership book event; designed to bring new, never-before-been-to-your-store people to your dealership. Kirk Topel and the crew at Hal’s Harley-Davidson are working hard to make this exciting event happen.

Now, on to your Peak Dealership Performance newsletter …

Sales Savvy


How to encourage your customers to buy NOW!

Everywhere you look, listen, read, watch and surf, people are talking about the economy and usually not in a good way. So how do you convince your customers that – given all they are exposed to – buying a motorcycle now is a great decision?

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Marketing Insights


How to Go from Potential to Essential

How do you turn a lead into a customer for life. Here are a few ideas:

  • Be responsive. You have to respond in a reasonable amount of time.
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Management Mindsets


Management Case Study – You Manage a Superstar Who Acts like a Diva … What do you do?

Let’s try something new and do an interactive newsletter here.

Here’s a “case study,” …

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Something Different


And You Think You have Old Inventory!

Check out what one reader sent us. That’s right, those are Members Only Jackets (circa 1982) on sale at a local Menards.

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