Marks_Mentor_ProgramWant to dramatically increase your business success?

One-on-one performance coaching is really the fastest way to progress quickly with your personal and professional goals.

In these programs you and I will work together to help you solve specific issues or challenges you’re currently experiencing while getting firmly grounded – or reoriented – in the “best practices” of running a motorcycle dealership today.
Does coaching work?

Consider these examples:

  • Tiger Woods improves his swing with coach Hank Haney
  • Al Pacino studied acting under coach Lee Strasberg
  • Eli Manning improves his play through coach Kevin Gilbride

As a dealer-owner, department manager or high potential dealership employee, personal coaching is a key to your success. Insight from a knowledgeable, objective source will help spur you and your people on to greater success.

Due to our demanding consulting and speaking schedule I have a limited number of coaching slots available. We can improve almost every aspect of dealership operations to help you resolve problems or dramatically improve overall dealership performance.

The Mark Rodgers Mentor Program is designed for:

  • Dealership Owners
  • Dealership Department Managers
  • High Potential Dealership Employees

Three Program Options:

Mark Rodgers Guided Mentor Program: Admission is Extremely Limited.

If you desire a structured approach to your growth you may qualify for Mark’s Guided Mentor Program.

This program is recommended for those at any level of their career whose intellectual curiosity and talent cause them to wander from task to task or those who require more urgency in creating results.

Program Overview:

  • A detailed performance game plan with specific results and completion dates.
  • Formal, scheduled contact times to discuss accomplishments and obstacles preventing short-term tasks from being completed.
  • Three months unlimited access via text, e-mail, and phone; all messages returned within 24 hours.
  • When mutually convenient Skype video conferences.

Here’s how it works:

  • First we spend some time talking to figure out together whether the program is right for you.
  • If we decide the program is right for you, then we examine your current situation, your expectations and create mentoring goals.
  • Then we create professional and personal success strategies and tactics.
  • We then construct a formalized mentoring schedule creating systematic performance improvement.
  • Fee: $4500Admission is Extremely Limited.
    1. Differentiates those who are serious about their development.
    2. Easily recouped through increased professional and personal performance.
    3. 100% of the fee is required to begin the program (installments are accepted however mentoring doesn’t begin until complete payment is made).
    4. The fee is non-refundable with no exceptions.
  • You may freeze the program at any time for two months and restart when you are ready.
  • If no openings are available there is a “first come, first served” waiting list.

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Mark Rodgers Mentor Program: Admission Limited.

For those professionals who want access, inspiration and guidance without a formal meeting structure, we suggest the Mark Rodgers Mentor Program.

Includes all of the above except you create the plan and the objectives and the frequency and method of communication is up to you (some call daily, others weekly, others monthly).

You call when you need help.

Fee: $2500

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Mark Rodgers Hour of Power:

For those of you who want to improve a specific skill or ability or attack one particular problem, an “hour of power” coaching sessions are available.

Some specific items tackled are:

  • Create your dealership’s value proposition.
  • Learn how to handle the price objection.
  • Gain insight to your dealerships processes.
  • Specific sales skills, i.e. F&I challenges.

These are preferably done via Skype video conferencing, however regular phone conference is available.

Fee: $500

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For most people it is almost impossible to keep totally separate your personal and professional lives, especially when it comes to aspects like health, fitness, and relationships and so forth. This is a natural and expected aspect of the program and the interactions we will have.

Please note: This is NOT therapy. If you think you or your employees need that sort of assistance we suggested you find a licensed and certified professional. If you want help with your sales, marketing, management skills, and professional development of key employees, this program can be highly effective in building your