Selling an idea is a lot like making a persuasive presentation; the biggest difference is that ideas lack tangibility. You’re not soliciting donations, rallying for a raise or convincing an on-the-fence customer to choose between a new or a used model. Rather, you’re making something concrete out of the abstract.

This requires some creativity on your part, so provide vivid mental imagery via storytelling to help a customer or colleague “see” your idea.

Try these:

  • “Think about how much money you will save in the long term when you finance with us.”
  • “What if I said I can help you overcome your fear of public speaking by the time you give your next presentation?”
  • “If you take the time to read this book, you’ll be selling more product than ever — and faster than you can believe.”

To help your target better “see” your ideas, it might be helpful to use images such as photographs or illustrations, double-axis charts, Venn diagrams or other data. These can further help sell your idea.

Now, go persuade somebody.