You already know how to make Saturdays count at the dealership.

But here are eight ideas to help you make the most of the most important sales day of the week:

1. Be well rested.

Friday night is a terrible time to party.

2. Make it easy.

Speaking of beverages, keep them up front. Having to run across 50,000 square feet to grab your buyer a bottle of water might be great for your Fitbit data, but it’s terrible for your sales.

3. Clean up.

Clean the restrooms frequently. Everyone one knows this, but few people do this.

4. Sell from stock.

Would you like to know the worst words a salesperson can utter? “It also comes in … these other colors we don’t have.”

5. Be organized.

Wrap up your emails, calls and administrative stuff Friday night before you go home. Having your head in some thorny issue first thing Saturday morning doesn’t help anyone.

6. Eat in.

Have sandwiches delivered and eat in. Salespeople taking a one-hour lunch break on a Saturday is the epitome of lunacy.

7. Filter calls.

Calls about hours, directions or other basics should never reach the sales floor — especially on Saturday.

8. Floor beats phone.

In the world of motorcycle dealership poker hands, floor beats phone. The person who has taken the initiative to get off their couch to come see you is a much higher-quality prospect than someone who just picked up their phone and dialed.

Remember: Saturday = Money Day