Successful sprinters are taught to “run through the tape.” Don’t slow down as the the finish line approaches; speed up.

Far too many people say, “Well … it’s the holidays. Everyone is slowing down and getting ready for Christmas.” Don’t be like them.

Here’s what you should do to finish 2019 strong and position yourself for a fantastic 2020:

1. Call every customer in your book and thank them for doing business with you.

You need reasons to interact with your buyers, and this is a terrific reason. It’s a good action to take and puts you in a gratitude mindset. Plus, you never know what you’ll discover when interacting with someone who has purchased from you. You may discover they are looking for something, or they know someone looking for something.

2. Comb through all online submitted credit applications.

For customers who were approved and purchased: Call, congratulate again and ask if they would like to bring their friends down to meet the staff at the dealership. If they were just approved but didn’t purchase: Take this opportunity to follow up. If they just submitted and you suspect they were turned down: Reach out, invite them to come to the dealership and explore all options (additional down payment, co-signer, different motorcycle).

3. Get serious about social media.

As much as it pains me to say this, you need to start posting meaningful content for your buyers. Think of this business as You, Inc. Are you developing your following? You do that by posting interesting product information, buying tips, winterization ideas and other non-sales-oriented posts that will improve your buyers’ — and your potential buyers’ — condition.

4. Create Corporate Outreach Programs.

Target local companies and do something special for employees who purchase from you. Value packages and special events can set you apart and give you a reason to reach out. Consider putting a motorcycle display in their lobby or in their employee break room — and then offer to put a display of their product in your store. That’s called cross promotion.

The 2019 finish line is in sight. Don’t stop now. Give it all you’ve got to be the first one to run through that tape.

Photo by Jonathan Chng on Unsplash.