Dealers are talking about Mark Rodgers and the DX14 Conference!

I liked that it was high energy and engaging. Learned more about sales in three hours than seven years trying it on my own.
James Robertson, Cleveland Moto, Lakewood, OH
The Target 12 with roundtable discussion was an excellent way to brainstorm what you can take back to your dealership to make it better and more profitable. Also the seven showroom questions — so simple, yet so brilliant.
Valerie Payne, Classy Chassis and Cycles, Lakefield, ON, Canada
If you have not met Mark or heard him present, and you are truly committed to this profession, do yourself a favor. Single best investment you could make with your time.
Kirk Topel, Hal's Harley-Davidson
I will try to make it to any of Mark’s seminars that I can. Great content, he tells you ‘how’ to use it. He is engaging and enthusiastic. I always leave pumped up and revitalized.
Jolene Krizan, GM, Mad River Harley-Davidson, Sandusky, OH
Very informative and exciting. Mark is a true pro and lays down some powerful info in an easily digestible and fun presentation.
Jeff Musat, Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale
I found Mark’s approach to have a very ‘real’ aspect and ‘realistic’ application. His concept of word tools and language was spot-on. Example: Don’t politely ask a prospect to come over to take a test ride; enthusiastically encourage them to come ‘burn some gas’ with you.
Kurt Mechling, Performance Powersports, Seneca, SC
Fast-paced learning, tons of great ideas. Emphasis on execution and walking the walk — not just talking the talk.
Cito M., Acceleration Powersports, Anderson, IN
Real stuff — ready to use! No more canned speeches: Talk from your heart to make the sale.
John Hill, Select Cycle/Scooter Nerds, Greensboro, NC
Opened my eyes to a different attitude of selling motorcycles. We will make magic.
Matt Steinhousen, Vandervest Harley-Davidson of Peshtigo
Great way to get you thinking about the many facets of your business and relationships with customers. It sparked a bunch of my own ideas and I can’t wait to bring some of Mark’s key points back to my team. Thanks!
Jeremy Wentworth, Motorsports International
Mark delivers a charismatic lesson in improving sales performance that is valuable to any motorcycle dealership. Time well spent.
David Schmunk, Motorcycle Tire Center, Orange, CA
Learned a lot more about the sales process.
Travis Bluhm, EcoFun Motorsports, Forest Lake, MN
This session was so helpful. The insight and advice was just great. Our dealership will improve by asking for the sale and engaging with the consumer more.
Helped verify a lot of the positive things we are doing. Excellent, practical presentation on how to improve the selling process. Following these tips and processes will help our sales department sell more units.
Bill Carr, Ducati Indianapolis
This seminar gave me a better understanding of selling to customers more effectively with specific knowledge. Thanks, Mark.
By using the info gained through this free seminar, you can literally multiply your sales, increase your cash flow and laugh all the way to the bank.
Wellesley Scott III, Modern Classics Inc., Washington, DC
Informative; gave me some ideas that I can incorporate into my dealership.
Tom Clinton, Wizard of Wheels, Crete, IL
Be honest with the customers and be true to your dealership. Be humble and don’t think you’re better than others.
Tell me again how to work testimonials and referrals. LOL. You’re brilliant, Mark. My business manager will be seeing you in the next 30 days.
Bob Bonner, DeKalb Harley-Davidson
Improved sales process.
The customer retention and follow-up skills learned will certainly help drive sales.
Speaker was not only knowledgeable; he was thoroughly enthusiastic and masterful in his presentation. And some guy won a $100 bill! How cool is that?
Mike Levitt, Scooter World LLC, Overland Park, KS
The session shed invaluable techniques, mindsets and beliefs in what sales in this industry is all about. There are many aspects, but Mark presented us with what’s proven to be important.
Learned valuable new strategies to help increase my sales. It helped me to think differently about my approach to customers and objections.
There are many ways to sell your product other than price. The improved words and phrases our people can use to sell. How to develop sales and process.
Mark Rodgers is a dynamic speaker whose examples transcend real experiences in the dealership. His 27 years of insight are phenomenal and a breath of fresh air.
Steve Madura, Frieze Harley-Davidson, O'Fallon, IL
Very good information. Gave us direction in which areas we need improvement. Was a very good class.
Bonnie Mitchell, Gillis Power Sports, Savannah, TN
This was a very eye-opening session. We gained ‘priceless’ info from Mark today. Thank you.
New and better sales procedures and ideas. Engaging more employees’ input.
I liked the presentation and enthusiasm of the speaker, as well as the structured processes for increasing sales.
Allowing the dealership to be confident of accomplishments, the two-fors, also the Google alert.
Robbie Devoid, Cyclewise Inc., New Haven, VT
Mark Rodgers brought energy to the seminar that I haven’t seen before. He exposed the process to help achieve the highest level of “flow” for a salesman.
We learned how our business is specifically unique and superior to our competition and how to articulate that to the customers.
Katie Kalfas, CJ Designs LLC, Mukwonago, WI
Lots of good ideas. Plenty to take back for discussion and our own evaluation.
Mark is a very enthusiastic speaker who truly believes in what he is preaching. I found most of what he shared very exciting and cannot wait to put his ideas into practice within our dealership.
I liked the performance index because it helps you and other employees find where you need improvement.
James Palmer, JT MotorSports, Frederick, MD
He just keeps getting better. Thanks, Mark.
Mark is a very good speaker with lots of enthusiasm and exuberant, if not odd, ways of doing things. But I think they will work! Can’t wait to get home and try them.
Many of the sales techniques learned in this session are applicable to all phases of the dealership business, from new unit sales to parts and service.
Brian Malmsten, Cycle City, Escanaba, MI
Mark made selling fun and desirable. I will be able to relay the info to other employees. Seven showroom questions will be very effective.
Zak Munn, Ben's Motorcycles
Mark Rodgers’ presentation was key to help us realize how much we already bring to our customer and how much more we can add to our total dealership experience! Things are always getting better at Classy Chassis and Cycles!
Josh Hinan, Classy Chassis and Cycles, Lakefield, ON, Canada
Getting out of the dealership and learning some new ideas like why should we do business.
Lee Hale, Hale's Sport Center, Mainsfield, OH
Mark, thank you for the valuable knowledge today! There are many ‘gold nuggets’ from today’s seminar that I will be taking back to our dealership. We pride ourselves on being a ‘magic’ dealership and I loved your price/experience matrix! It is a great visual of what we believe and I plan on using this going forward for training our team!
Jess Bender, Mad River Harley-Davidson, Sandusky, OH
I really liked the new ways that were presented to me to sell. The different wording will help with getting the customer involved.
Tom Mabee, Hayden Honda
Great seminar. Our business will be improved in many ways … making sure customers know how good we are.
The show and Mark were great. The segment on the referral program was very valuable. Not so much the idea, but the way to market it with the initiative tips and tricks. It puts a great spin on a common program.
Adam Krizan, Mad River Harley-Davidson, Sandusky, OH
The seminar provided tools and ideas I can implement today to increase sales without increasing expenses. A win-win.
Annette Behn-Caldwell, Open Road Honda
I liked that it opened new ideas to try at our dealership. Most will not cost very much money to implement, making the results a good ROI. It made me stop and think what we can and will do to improve our dealership.
Bobby O., Motorsports International
Great insight into building and/or transforming a solid sales process with tactics backed by science and experience. If we can get our team on board with the necessary approaches … we will be rock stars!
Christian Taylor, Rods Ride On Powersports, La Crosse, WI
Liked referral portion and the questions on the sales floor.
Jason Severson, Southern Thunder, Harley-Davidson
Educational and entertaining — will be initiated immediately.
Don Gary, Ducati Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN
Enjoyed the ‘Seven Indispensable Questions’ especially. Went to another seminar and missed the beginning but enjoyed what I was able to hear.
We really enjoyed the speaker and will be using his suggestions such as ‘Target 12’ stuff and the ‘Seven Indispensable Questions.’ We will also continue to strive to be unique.
Neal, Blitz Moped, Dallas
There were some ideas that seemed to be good. I have attended several sales presentations and this one was OK.
I liked the ART of the deal the most. The key behaviors are informative. Easy to apply and well explained.
Very informative and motivational presentation. The thing I like the most is Mark’s mindset. Totally agree with not discounting product.
Sonny H. Chuhaira, SCH Helmet, Indonesia
There are many good example related to the topics in the session. It is very helpful.
Mark Rodgers was, without a doubt, the best thing happening at the Expo. His interactive lessons will be used to help us differentiate ourselves and become number 1 in our region.
Rob, Mad River Harley-Davidson
Fast. Fun. Informative. Experienced. Engaging. Magnetic.
I have written and taught people to talk about the reasons to do business at our dealership. I have never been told to use a statistic in them. I have also never been told to look back at them or listen to dealers around the room and think about if ours are really that special. That was powerful.
Cassey Melde, Rod's Ride On Powersports
Mark made sales training fun and easy. Sticks to the basics with adding some excellent, good, real-life dealer examples.
Mark could be creative in jokes and engaging.
I liked the enthusiasm and energy from Mark. It was very interesting and informative. I never lost interest.
Cy Martz, Vandervest Harley-Davidson of Peshtigo
As a young person in the motorcycle industry, I would recommend taking this class to get a base for selling in this market.
Really enjoyed the questions and interactions.
Outside the box thinking — not the same old presentation.
Joe H., Vandervest Harley-Davidson of Peshtigo
Mark made the time fly by. Great presentation.
Found this very informative. Instead of trying to outthink people, just keep things simple and get the information you’re looking for by letting the customer tell you. Go for the two-for then Columbo his ass!!
Kevin Pautz, Vandervest Harley-Davidson of Peshtigo
Three reasons to shop with us.
Jesse, Calumet Harley-Davidson
Mark always makes his workshops very interesting, informative and thought provoking. Interjects some humor and timely breaks. And this guy’s a rock star. Thanks, Mark.
Chuck Kreisl, Calumet Harley-Davidson, Munster, IN
I, Ben Cope of Cycle Tech, Freemont, Ill, (641) 632-8201, enjoyed Mark’s class very much. It will help me become a better salesman.
It opens your eyes to what happens in real-life sales situations and how to correct them. How to lead the sales process so you are in control.
John Swarts, Arkport Cycle
Mark Rogers is always awesome. He gives real-life examples to drive in what he is preaching. The industry is changing rapidly, so we as dealers must change our thinking as well. No short learning is the key to survival.
Jenny Swarts, Arkport Cycles
Referral idea is great.
Very informative. Many things I can take back to the dealership.
Adam Foulkner, Rod's Ride on Powersports
Very interesting ideas that I never thought of or was trained for.
Mark is a great speaker with great content. I’m looking forward to taking this info back to my dealership.
Marks presentation was clear and precise to the problems that exist at powersport dealers. His knowledge and wisdom was very good and he easily relates to dealer principles and their employees. Can’t wait to share this information with my staff. Also look forward to learning more about Mark’s company.
Mike Vlamis, Willy World Cycles, Juliet, IL
Taking back and testing/using some of the points, for sure.
Helped start to get the gears turning on tasks that can enhance business success.
Alex Ruiz, Service Writer, Calumet Harley-Davidson, Munster, IN
Mark is a high-energy, practical idea person and passionate facilitator. The insight and tools provided in his workshop are priceless.
Mark Rodgers’ seminar was very helpful, insightful and informative. Many takeaways obtained for immediate implementation at our dealership for an even stronger 2015!!
Mark is always entertaining. His talks are always chock-full of practical ideas that truly make an impact on my business.
It was great. Can’t wait to got back and help the team.
George Gysparis, AHM Chicago West
I thought it was insightful. Touched on simple, no-brainers to tougher problems with easy solutions. It will help me as a team leader get all departments to work together to improve as a team.
Jason Mroz, AHM Chicago West
It is good to be refreshed on selling the sizzle. Why buy from us! Always like learning new word track ideas as well. I will use the Performance Index to track my store and move us forward and come up with creative ways of why to do biz with me!
Bryan 'Tex' Lease, Des Plaines Honda
Today’s session was a great reminder to work smart and engage customers in a way that eliminates the awkward salesperson approach. Thinking outside the box works.
Melinda Bryan, Cycle City
Good generic sales tips. Good info on how to read ‘the close of the deal’.
Tony Diaz, Blitz Moped
The information today can be used in not only the sales department but in all departments of your dealership.
Dave DeWitt, Calumet Harley-Davidson, Munster, IN
The Seven Indispensible Questions are awesome! Quick easy improvements we can make now.
Nate Walker, Ducati Indianapolis
I want to say thank you for the continued opportunity to learn from you on a daily basis. I was able to personally sell more motorcycles than 62% of all the dealerships in my district for the month of August. I can honestly say much of that can be attributed to your philosophies of “accsellerating” the sale. Thanks again.
Zack Bower, Ducati Indianapolis