How to Refocus on Your Business

Far too many people fall prey to the many ills of modern society: smartphone addiction, the outrage culture, information overload, the list goes on... One common mistake today is being lured by the new and ignoring the great. If you’re in business and haven’t read Peter Drucker's work, you should. Drucker is the grandfather of

Worry About Your Own Performance — Not Others

It has never been experientially proven that your performance is improved by comparing yourself to someone else. So stop doing that. The only way you can improve your (or your business') performance is to evaluate your own performance relative to yourself (or your business). Many years ago, I was running along the shore of Lake

9 Ways to Break Out of Your Sales Slump

We’ve all been there. Everyone else seems to be putting numbers on the board and you’re not. Here are some new numbers for you: nine key actions to break out of your slump and return to form. 1. Review your three greatest sales ever. Find commonalities: time of day, type of product, personality styles. Then position

Learn from Your Sales Successes

In my book, Accelerate the Sale, I detailed research by Tel Aviv University professor Shmuel Ellis, who conducted a revealing study of after-action reviews with two companies of soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces. He demonstrated that soldiers performing successive navigation exercises learned at a significantly higher rate — and improved their future performance — when

Referral Reluctance: What Are You Afraid Of?

In a recent post, I wrote about the importance of referral business and promised to share with you ways to consistently produce referral business. Here we go... With so much evidence proving why referrals are important – and enough consensus among sales professionals regarding the positive nature of referrals – why are they still underutilized?