“Are we going to make our sales goals this month?”

This is not a question you ask on the 28th of the month.

Rather, you should gauge your actual sales progress with your objective all month long. Researchers call it “formative evaluation;” I call it common sense.

Below is the cadence I suggest you use to monitor your sales success. Dive right in…

1. “Great Start” Meeting: On or around the first of every month, managers and salespeople agree on a reasonable sales objective for the month and identify evidence-based actions.

2. Month-to-Date Review, Part I: Around the 10th of the month, managers and salespeople sit down again and examine the evidence — good and bad. Are you on track to meet your goals? If not, what extraordinary actions are needed to make up for the discrepancy? “Extraordinary” means that if you typically make 10 calls a day, now you need to make 20; managers who meet with their team members every week should now meet with them every day.

3. Month-to-Date Review, Part II: Around the 20th of the month, revisit previous conversations. If your actions are leading to results, keep it up.  If not, redouble your efforts. If salespeople are off track, managers should carefully guide the next steps by asking about top prospects and requesting proof of progress.

4. “Big Finish” Meeting: On or around the final day of the month, get together and evaluate the results. Celebrate successes, learn from mistakes and develop a new action plan for the coming month.

Both sales managers and sales professionals must take charge of their own success. Use this four-step process to ensure you stay on track.

Remember: Organization + Discipline = Accselleration™

Photo by Teddy Kelley on Unsplash.