Just when I thought today’s music scene couldn’t get any worse, I discovered a bright shining light from Michigan last year in the form of Greta Van Fleet.

A bunch of kids (three brothers and a drummer) with a weird name (a version of an actual person’s name), a great groove, big vocals and a sense of style that makes many ask if they are the second coming of Led Zeppelin.

The band members acknowledge that they studied Zep and learned a lot from them. When Led Zeppelin was gaining popularity in the early 1970s, manager Peter Grant was as sharp a marketing mind as anyone in the business. He brought onboard a new marketing and PR person and mentored that individual.

Before a show, he took his new hire to the top of the arena. As the venue filled with thousands of rabid Zeppelin fans, Grant waved his arm across the scene unfolding in front of them and said, “See these people?”

The new PR guy nodded eagerly in agreement. 

“We have these people,” Grant continued.

He then slowly turned his employee around to show him the view from a small window at the top of the venue, through which a veritable spaghetti bowl of metro expressways could be seen — all of them filled with traffic.

“We want those people,” he said.

Quick: Name three things you’ll do today to actively bring in new business. If you can’t come up with anything, remember a line from Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven: “There’s still time to change the road you’re on.”

Photo by Michael Popke.