Have you ever worked with customers who seemed skeptical of your products or services? Perhaps they questioned a particular product, accessory, warranty plan or even your company’s claims of customer service?

Or maybe you’ve encountered somebody who was misinformed by a so-called knowledgeable friend or family member? Somebody who was convinced that he or she knew the truth about how things work? The best way to help these customers is by creating and communicating using an evidence binder.

That’s right: Go old school!

Build the Binder

Here’s how you can prove you and your company are worth doing business with:

1. Buy a three-ring binder and clear plastic slipsheets from any office supply store.

2. Use tabs to categorize each section by the products and services you sell.

3. Scour the Internet for credible sources with articles that support your claims. Print them out, highlight key phrases and place them in the appropriate tabbed section via the clear slipsheets.

4. Finally — and this is the key piece of the entire package — contact customers who may have benefited from any of your business’ products and services, and ask them to send you a letter describing their satisfaction so you can share it with other customers via the binder. Bang: You’ll have page after page of testimonials to share with other would-be customers.

Use the Power of Proof

Now, the next time you have a customer who seems hesitant, you can say, “Some of our best customers were hesitant at first, too. Here’s some information that may help you make your decision.”

Then show the customer your evidence binder and watch your sales — and your customers’ satisfaction — soar.