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Are You Making These Common Management Mistakes?

Being in the motorcycle business, you know that a governor is a device intentionally limiting acceleration. I submit that dealership managers are restricting their own acceleration (although not intentionally). Below are five of the most common ways in which managers are holding themselves back. 1. Sales managers are selling and closing every deal. Because of

Black Friday Tip: Take Your Buyer’s Photo and Then Close the Sale

Black Friday is next week (Thanksgiving is early this year), so make sure your digital camera is fully charged. You’ll want to take lots of photos that day. You can literally put your buyer in the picture. I tell powersports retailers to take a digital photograph of their prospective buyers when they are considering which

Five More ‘New’ Rules for Sales Success

If you want to sell more, you must ensure your exchanges with buyers are as effective as possible. For that to happen, I suggest 10 “New Rules for Sales Success” – guides that will enable you to carefully review your sales exchanges and identify successes that others might miss, thereby enabling you to further leverage,

Why Life is Like a Harley-Davidson Transmission

When things slow down, I’m going to get that MBA. I just need to make it past this busy period, and then I’m going to learn that new software program. When we get through the fourth quarter, I’m going to start eating right and get in shape. Someday, I just need to take a long

The Value of a Mentor

A mentor is a wise and trusted counselor or teacher. He or she can either be a formal, paid relationship or an informal, unpaid one. The critical component is finding someone who already has accomplished whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish. This was made crystal-clear to me when participating in renowned consultant Alan Weiss’s