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sales goals

Five Ideas to Accelerate Your Own Understanding of What You Sell

Last time, I focused on key ways to communicate the features, advantages and benefits of your product or services. Here are five ideas to further accelerate your own understanding of what you sell. 1. Review your product literature at least once per month. Yes, that means contracts, too. You’ll be surprised by how many details

Why You Should Use Facts and Stats in Your Sales Pitch

Some sales professionals believe that buyers no longer care about facts and figures, so they suggest sellers avoid using them. This is nonsense. That said, some buyers will be more interested in such details than others. Do I think the average Harley-Davidson Super Glide customer knows (or cares) that the motorcycle has a 96-cubic-inch, 45-degree

What Does Playing Basketball Have to Do With Selling More?

The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament begins this week. Teams play all season for the opportunity to compete in what is arguably sport's most exciting event, and the ones that are "hot," or "in the zone," or "firing on all cylinders" usually perform the best. Claremont Graduate University's Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Management Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (pronounced MEE-hye

How to Respond to All Those ‘Can We’ Questions

Often buyers will ask if they can do something out of the ordinary, some sort of customization to the sale. In the motorcycle business, one common question customers ask is, “Can we …” Can we make it louder? Can we make it faster? Can we make it lower? Can we make it shinier? Can we

Want More Referrals? Follow These Tips

The past few posts have focused on obtaining referrals. Here are eight fast and final takeaways regarding your referral efforts. Review these, and then implement them. You’ll be glad you did. 1. Practice the “every time, every buyer” rule. Ask for referrals from 100 percent of your customers, and watch referrals soar. 2. Spend a significant

Four Reasons Why Referrals Won’t Work

Last time, I wrote about why referrals work. But they only work when you actually receive them. Here are four common barriers to referrals and how to overcome them. Referral Barrier #1: The prospect is unsure of your offerings. In order to be referred, you have to have something worth referring. Your product, your service and your

How To Become An Expert … Fast

There’s always room in a motorcycle dealership for more expertise. Regardless of whether you’re plugging a knowledge gap within your store or expanding your own knowledge base to meet sales goals, you quickly can achieve a higher level of expertise — and, subsequently, greater credibility — by engaging in one, some or all of the