How to Get Other People to Sing Your Praises

After receiving a referral, don’t overlook the importance of following up with the referring party. Always keep that person in the loop. That way, he or she can help if the third party isn’t immediately responsive. The referrer also will be motivated to provide you with more contacts and support. After all, the referring party

Why Test Drives Matter — Regardless of Your Industry

Regardless of whether your offering is a product or a service — and whether you sell B2C or B2B — you should encourage your prospective buyer take your solution for a test drive. Now, if you’re selling a tangible item like a motorcycle, a car, a computer or a guitar, that’s a pretty basic proposition:

Filter Your Feedback

Most people simply don’t receive feedback well, especially if it's negative. We get defensive or don't take any action at all. The key to receiving feedback is to determine and understand what is meaningful and what isn’t. I make no claims at being an expert on this, but I can confidently state that I’ve gotten

Sales Success: How Well Do You Know Your Market?

Americans are frequently accused of being an insular group. We don’t, some claim, know what’s going on in the world around us as much as we should. There may be a regrettable amount of truth to that. With some people, that insularity carries over to their professional lives. Face it: Many people know what’s going

Sales Success: How Well Do You Know Your Buyers?

After getting to know yourself, the second-most-important person you need to know in order to accelerate your sales is your buyer — the one who has the power to purchase what you're selling. Whether that’s because he’s the one who can authorize funding, approve the purchase order or swipe the credit card, this is the

Sales Success: How Well Do You Know Yourself?

Time for a bit of self-reflection. When you really understand yourself – your purpose, your goals, your strengths and your weaknesses – you will discover some previously unarticulated advantages when it comes to accelerated selling. Ask yourself the following questions: Who are you? Not in the existential sense, but are you aware of your innate

Five More ‘New’ Rules for Sales Success

If you want to sell more, you must ensure your exchanges with buyers are as effective as possible. For that to happen, I suggest 10 “New Rules for Sales Success” – guides that will enable you to carefully review your sales exchanges and identify successes that others might miss, thereby enabling you to further leverage,

Five ‘New’ Rules for Sales Success

Yes, sales success is measured when a deal is done and the money is banked. But if you want to maximize your return on effort (a new form of ROE!), you must consider, explore and communicate additional positive aspects of your buyer exchanges. I call these facets the “New Rules for Sales Success” – guides