My Holiday Selling Advice? Keep It Clean

As the holiday shopping season reaches its peak in the coming two weeks, retail professionals will be busier than ever, and your job is to persuade shoppers to buy what you’re selling. My advice during this critically important but potentially lucrative and exciting time? Don’t be one of those brands, companies or individuals that skate the

Next Time You Hear ‘No,’ Ask Different Questions

The next time a potential buyers says “no,” try asking different questions. Now, these can be rhetorical or actual questions. Either way, they soften your response, give you time to think and usually are greeted in the affirmative. For example: “May I ask you a question … ?” “May I speak candidly … ?” “May I

Sell More — Faster — By Asking Your Buyer These Questions

Looking for a way to speed toward closing the sale? Involve your buyer as much as possible in the sales discussion. This is just plain common sense; conventional wisdom holds that while people hate to be sold, they love to buy. So ask questions to make him or her enjoy the act of buying:  

How to Ask for a Referral

I've written and spoken a lot about referrals over the years. While testimonials are static statements for a job well done, a referral is an introduction to another potential client or customer. One person says to another, “You should really talk to Tom. He sold me a great bike, and he might be able to help

How to Get Other People to Sing Your Praises

After receiving a referral, don’t overlook the importance of following up with the referring party. Always keep that person in the loop. That way, he or she can help if the third party isn’t immediately responsive. The referrer also will be motivated to provide you with more contacts and support. After all, the referring party